Secrets On How To Start A Food Truck Business The Right Way

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how to start a food truck business

Do you want to know how to start a food truck business?

This article is a guide on how to start one. Take note that the most challenging part of any business is the process of starting one. We hope that by reading this article, you will get the inspiration you need to start your very own business.

A Guide on How to Start A Food Truck Business

Starting a food truck is like starting a restaurant. But when planning for a food truck business, you have to consider that your kitchen is mobile and that space (both dining and storage) is very limited. Here are the 10 steps on how to start a food truck:

1. Create a feasibility study—you need to determine whether running a food truck business in your area is feasible. A good criterion to think about is whether your locale allows food trucks to operate. Then you should come up with a sound feasibility study that outlines how your proposed food truck can become profitable.

2. Plan everything—after you determine that a food truck business can be profitable in your area, you need to plan, plan, and plan some more. A detailed business plan should be the top priority in your to-do list. After the business plan, you will have to determine how much funding you need, what resources you need to procure, and how will you market and promote your food truck. Though you still don’t have a working menu, it’s advisable that you know, in general, what you’re selling for you to come up with a marketing plan.

3. Come up with a catchy name—this will help attract customers because everyone remembers a name that is interesting.

4. Create a Menu—after creating your feasibility plan and marketing plan, you’re ready to come up with your food truck’s heart and soul—the menu. You need to come up with a manageable number of offerings for your truck, while at the same time not sacrificing quality. A good menu has to have enough choices that play off of each other. Each menu item should serve a specific purpose and should tie in well with your food truck’s theme.

how to start a food truck business

5. Secure funding—you may need to borrow money from financial institutions for you to come up with your start-up fund. With your feasibility and market studies, it should be easier for you to convince investors to be part owners of your food truck business.

6. Get yourself a food truck—but it’s not as easy as going to a dealership because there are no dealers for food trucks. What you do is you buy a truck (pre-owned is perfectly fine). Then you refurbish and customize the truck to your specifications. You can get a car body shop to fit kitchen equipment in your truck.

7. Secure all necessary permits—some of the permits and documents you need to operate are: business permits, bank accounts, tax IDs, health inspection cards, insurance, local permits, safety and hygiene certification, and merchant accounts for credit card purchases.

8. Start hiring staff—hire individuals who can do several roles, like a kitchen assistant who can also serve or a cashier that can also help in the kitchen.

9. Start Promoting your Food Truck—you can do this in a variety of ways: print, radio, TV or online. A great way to spread the word around is through social media sites. These sites reach a very large demographic and won’t cost you a cent.

10. Soft-open and invite your family and friends—the purpose of a soft opening is to test your processes and products. Invite people who can provide you with honest feedback—your family and friends. Ask them how your service and food can improve and work to correct the deficiencies.

We hope this article has helped you to know how to start a food truck business. If your food truck becomes successful, you can expect to make a lot of money from it. But aside from the monetary reward, the food truck owner also stands the chance to gain fame among his patrons and peers.


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