7 Important Tips On Finding The Perfect Apartment

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It’s always a challenge to find the perfect place to rent. This is more apparent when you’re looking for rooms for rent in India — you will find that a lot of the good ones are already taken. But that doesn’t mean you should stop trying and settle for a derelict and run-down place. If you persevere and continue your search, you will find that you will be rewarded with an absolutely stunning place.

Here are some tips on how to score that perfect room. Find out more below:

1. Location, Location, Location

When hunting for a room or an apartment, the biggest consideration should be the location. But it is also important to take note that the location can seriously affect the price as well. Once you decide on a location, you should scour the whole area — including the more secluded parts. For sure, you will have an idea which apartment is rented out at a cheaper price.

2. Go through different search resources

When looking for an apartment or room for rent, your best bet is to do it online. Most owners are likely to advertise online anyway. But do not settle for one website. Go through numerous sources and try to find the one that best suits you. Once you have your choices, go analog and write these down on a piece of paper. This will serve as your short list of potential rooms for you to rent. 

3. Do your research of the room or building

Before contacting the places in your shortlist, it is best that you do an initial background check on the room or building. Find out all you can about the location. Though there are websites that offer reviews about apartments and rooms, it’s still better for you to do this real-time. This means you should visit the building or the location and do some cursory assessments of the place. Check if the place is to your liking. If not, you should definitely consider another place.

4. Do your research on the neighborhood

It’s definitely beneficial if you visit the prospective place because you get to find out about the neighborhood as well. Check out the environment surrounding the building. Things to consider are the following: cleanliness, air quality, noise, traffic and crime. You won’t get a feel of these things until you personally visit the area. 

5. Call the owner or caretaker and schedule a visit

Once you’ve decided that you like the building and that the neighborhood is nice enough, go ahead and call the number on the ad. Tell the owner or the caretaker that you are interested with his place and you would like to schedule a visit. Do this right away before someone beats you to it.

6. Prepare a list of questions

The next thing to do would be to create a list of questions you will ask during your visit. Things you should consider asking are: utilities included, maintenance and repairs, electronic installations, the age of the building, profiles of previous tenants, how long the place has been vacant, your rights as a tenant and other important details about the room. Make sure to ask these questions during your visit. Gauge your decision on how confident you are with the answers you are getting.

7. Talk to your potential neighbors

When you visit the potential apartment, try and chat with the people who are currently living there. You can ask the other tenants some of the questions on your list and see how similar (or different) they are from the owner’s answers. You can casually ask them how it is living in that apartment. The information you get from the tenants is just as vital as the ones you will get from the owner or caretaker.


Finding a room is easier if you follow the steps outlined above. It will certainly aid you in finding the perfect apartment. So what are you waiting for? Happy apartment hunting!   


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