Inexpensive Cute Gifts For Girlfriend: Top 10 You Must Consider

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Whatever the occasion is, your girlfriend undoubtedly expects to get a gift from you. What do you do when you currently have no ample budget for an expensive gift? You can still impress your girl with cute yet inexpensive gifts.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Pocket Mirror

cute gifts for girlfriend

A pocket mirror can turn into one of the most romantic and cute gifts for girlfriend. Find a beautiful pocket mirror that your girlfriend will love to bring with her wherever she goes. Wrap the mirror in a cute gift box. Include a note that says your gift is the most priceless gem, one can ever find. Once she opens the box and sees her reflection in the pocket mirror, she’ll know what your heart is trying to say.

2. Books

cute gifts for girlfriendGarrison Keillor said “A book is a gift you can open again and again.” Take this as a cue. If you have a girlfriend who loves to read, then you are one lucky guy. You will never have a hard time finding her a gift. Bookworms will always appreciate your effort even if you give them books each and every gift giving occasions. Books make cute gifts for girlfriend as long as you know what kind she enjoys. It is also best that you make sure the book that you pick is not in her library already.

3. Personalized CD/DVD

cute gifts for girlfriend

Personalized CD/DVD became a popular wedding party favor. You can turn this into one of those cute gifts for girlfriend by putting a playlist of her favorite songs. For a more romantic gesture, make a playlist that includes the songs that tells her how much she means to you. When you are done, place the CD in this beautiful hand painted wooden CD case, then cover it with a cute gift wrapper.

4. Coffee Gift Certificate

cute gifts for girlfriend

There are many coffee addicts out there. There is a high probability your girlfriend is one of them. In this case, coffee gift certificates will make cute gifts for girlfriend if you just find unique and romantic or even witty ways to present them. For instance, find a cute gift card sleeve, then insert the gift card together with a note that says “I love you a latte!” Your heart will jump at the sight of her big smile.

5. Prompted Art Journal

cute gifts for girlfriend

Blogging has taken over journal writing, but there are still some people who love to collect journals. If your girlfriend loves to write, why not give her a personalized journal? The best way to turn journals into romantic and cute gifts for girlfriends is to add a personal touch to it. For example, you can add a cute bookmark and scribble it with a cute note. If you are someone who is gifted with creative fuel, write a romantic poem on the first page.

6. Photo Calendar

cute gifts for girlfriend

Calendars are cute gifts for girlfriend, especially when the year just started. Create a photo calendar using your pictures together or of anything that will remind her of you and the fun relationship you have as a couple.  If you don’t have enough time to create your own, there are websites that allow users to make their own calendar using cute pictures. If you want to impress your girl, stick to the first option.

7. Personalized Stationery Set

cute gifts for girlfriend

Anything personalized is always a great and thoughtful gift to give. Stationery sets are cute gifts for girlfriend, especially if she is someone who uses a lot of stationery like writing pads, notebooks, note cards, and letterheads.

8. Overnight Kit

cute gifts for girlfriend

If you don’t live together under one roof yet, but your girl spends some nights at your place at times, giving her an overnight bag filled with her favorite bath essentials will make her feel more than welcome. If you want to tell her you enjoy hanging out with her at your pad, give her a permanent spot in your bathroom cabinet.

9. Framed Scrabble Tiles

cute gifts for girlfriend


If you and your girl love playing Scrabble together, this is a thoughtful and geeky gift she will surely love. The fact that you can make this gift with your own effort makes it all the more sweet and romantic. You can either spell out yours and your girlfriend’s names or the words “I love you” then purchase a beautiful frame. Arrange the letters so they intersect, then glue them to the cardboard backing of the frame. Decorate with your photos or some dried flowers.

10. Jewelry Box

cute gifts for girlfriend


Jewelry boxes make cute gifts for girlfriend. You can make it even more romantic and unique by writing a love note inside, then hiding the locked box in layers and layers of other boxes. Give her the key and tell her it will open a chest of secrets meant only for her. Have the jewelry box delivered to her office or her home later in the day.

Probably you have given your girlfriend a lot of gifts in the past already that you are running out of ideas. These are just great suggestions. Remember, you don’t need to spend too much on a gift. All you need is to be creative in order to come up with cute gifts to show your girl how much you love her.

Which of these cute gifts for girlfriends do you like best?


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