House Cleaning List: Your Guide To Cleaning Your House Efficiently

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house cleaning list

Are you looking for a house cleaning list that would make your life easier?

Cleaning your house can be frustrating and stressful. Just the prospect of dealing with dust, clutter and filth can drive a person go nuts. It’s not only tiresome and difficult, but it can also be strenuous and overwhelming.

Workaholics would justify not doing housecleaning with the contention that after a work day or a work week, any extra time should be spent in rest or relaxation. Nevertheless, cleaning is a necessity that should never be neglected since an unclean environment would have adverse effects on health and the added prospect of inviting unwanted pests into your home.

There are, however, some tips to make house cleaning an easier venture than it is a Herculean task that most people abhor.

1)  Schedule your cleaning and stick to it. Let’s say you’ve scheduled that you’re house cleaning on a Saturday. Treat it as if it is a job. Be ready and dressed for it at 8am. It’s better to do your cleaning with a timer set per room or per area, so that you have a more systematic flow of work and a steady pace so you won’t get distracted. Focus on the task, meaning no distractions like technology (mobile texting or internet), phone calls, television and the likes.

2) Pick up the clutter. Before you do any cleaning, it would be best to pick up the mess on table tops, shelves and counters. This would ease the burden of having to remove things while wiping/vacuuming the dust, and then putting them back.

house cleaning list

3) Make sure you have the right tools handy. Your tools are the following: anti-bacterial cleansers and sprays, dry and wet rags, vacuum, mop, brushes and garbage bag. Having your tools handy will save you time and energy of going back and forth getting the things you needed.

4) Be focused, motivated and systematic. Without distractions, you can finish your tasks quicker. You can play your favorite music in the background while you clean, or have an audio book on your iPod while you scrub the bathroom tiles. Work from top to bottom and left to right so you’ll know what area you’ve already finished. Family members can help. So delegate tasks to them and work as a team.

5) Do the dusting first. Cleaning is easier if you do things systematically. Do the dusting first starting from the top to the bottom, and left to the right. Next, fix the furniture, pillows, shelves, books, lamps, decors, etc. Fold furniture blankets neatly in one place or drape them nicely on one portion of the lounging area.

6) Wipe surface areas — disinfecting them where possible. Make sure that the cleaning solution you are using on your furniture/fixtures is safe. Door handles, remote controls, light switches are common areas that are touched and are typically with the most germs that need regular disinfection.

7) Tackle the kitchen and bathroom areas. These rooms are wet areas that need to be cleaned often and disinfected on a weekly basis at the very least. Working areas in the kitchen always have to be clean especially the food preparation and cooking areas. In the same manner, since bathrooms are used on a daily basis for personal necessities, they also have to be recurrently scrubbed for scum, dirt and grime, and of course, disinfected, especially if it’s a common bathroom and toilet.

8) Vacuum all rooms. Finally, do a final run-through of each area by vacuuming the entire floor before leaving the room.

house cleaning list

To save up on cleaning materials, here are some other tips:

  • You can use essential oils instead of air fresheners. Just boil a little water, add a few drops and let the scent spread throughout your house.
  • No need to buy an all-purpose counter cleaner. Just use warm water and basic dishwashing soap.
  • Instead of using a carpet cleaner, just vacuum regularly.
  • Use 1:10 bleach to water ratio for cleaning floors and tiles. It’s more effective at eliminating mold spores and killing bacteria in your kitchen and bathroom.

Follow these house cleaning list and guide, and you’ll have your house fresh, sparkling and shiny in no time.


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