Investment Lesson 101: Easy Steps On How To Buy Stocks Online

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If you want to know how to buy stock online, then this post provides you easy to follow steps on how to do it. Buying stocks isn’t difficult for as long as you have the right guidance especially if you haven’t done it before. However, making money from it on a consistent basis is a different story. Even professional stock investors do not find it easy to make a profit easily. Thus, it is really important that you do your homework before forging ahead in stock investing.

how to buy stock online

What is stock investment and how do people make money from it?

Imagine that you wanted to start a retail store together with the members of your family. You and your partners (family members) decide to raise $150 000 to get the business started. You came up with a corporation and decided to divide it into 1000 shares of stock. You price each share to $150. If you are able to sell these stocks to your family, then you will have $150,000 which is what you want to raise to get your retail store off the ground.

Now if the company makes $50,000 every month. You will have to divide $50 000 into 1000 which means that each share earns $50 per month. If a family member bought 20 shares then he or she has earned $1000 total. The investor may reinvest or get a paycheck for his earnings.

After a year, your company has improved and has made a lot of money already. Now, the stock price has risen to $200 so the same family member who bought 20 shares has a total stock share of $4000 already and he has made $3000 in profit.

This is how the stock market works. This is just a simple example on how you can make money in stock investing. There are different kinds of stock so you might want to read more about stock investing before you go ahead. This guide only covers the basic so that you will have an idea of what the stock market is and how you can buy stocks on the internet.

Ways to Buy Stocks:

  1. You can buy online.
  2. You can buy direct.
  3. You can get a broker to buy and sell your stock.

How to Buy Stocks Online:

1. Search for Online Stock Buying and Selling Websites

You should find a list of different online stock investing companies. There are some sites which offer free sign up while others require you to pay around $10 or less. Make sure to check the companies’ track record and other user’s review so that you can be sure that you are dealing with a legit company.

2. Sign Up for an Online Stock Brokerage

Right after researching about the online stock broker or company, you are now ready to sign up for their services. Make sure that they have a good customer service like live chat support. They should reply to queries quickly so that you will never be left hanging if you have problems. This is financial related issues, so this should be taken care of immediately.

how to buy stock online

3. Learn the tools

Do not buy any stocks without learning the tools of the online stock brokerage company. Most companies offer learning tools and trading techniques for new and pro traders. Devour the information in their website before getting started. Knowing everything would benefit you in the long run. Learning the tools, as well as, the factors that affect stock performance is a crucial part in a self-directed investing.

4. Ask questions

Beginners should ask questions. If you are a beginner, then it would be great if you ask questions about stock buying and selling provider before you invest your money. It would be a big help if you ask your question right after you have studied everything so that you won’t be asking nonsense questions to them.

5. Buy Low, Sell High

This is the very simple rule in stock investing or in any business. “Buy low, sell high” – the basic formula for profits. Once you are done with all the other steps above, then this is the time that you invest your money into stocks that you think will be profitable. Do not just trust your instinct. Do your research.

Stock investing is a very profitable investment if you know what you are doing. A lot of people have become rich with this business approach but they never become rich in just a few clicks of their computer’s mouse. This isn’t a quick rich scheme or whatsoever. This needs a lot of effort before you can become successful. Now that you know how to buy stocks online, are you ready to forge ahead in this investment?


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