Jim Cramer’s Action Alerts Plus: A Review

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Jim Cramer instantly rose to fame and became a household name when it comes to stock and asset management. As a former Wall Street hedge fund manager, he then decided to share his knowledge to the public by coming up with his book titled “Jim Cramer’s Real Money: Sane Investing in an Insane World.” This was then followed by a TV show, and the popular online subscription program called Action Alerts Plus. If you are thinking whether to spend money on this program, read on and find out the essential stuff you need to know.

Who is Jim Cramer?

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Jim Cramer earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Government at Harvard University, and later earned a Juris Doctor degree from Harvard Law School. He started his venture in the stock market during his days in law school. With a good track record to support him, he was successfully employed as a stockbroker and eventually ventured on his own and found his own hedge fund.

After his retirement, he co-founded TheStreet.com and is working as a market commentator and adviser to the said site. This is where Action Alerts Plus emerged and caught the attention of individuals who are interested to invest on the stock market.

What is Action Alerts Plus?

Action Alerts Plus is an online subscription service that is offered through the website TheStreet.com. When users subscribe to this service, they receive an alert through email and through the website whenever Jim Cramer makes a recommendation that a stock should be sold or bought. Detailed information is given in every update, explaining the course of action that should be taken and of course, the value of making the decision.

Aside from the daily updates, there is also a weekly summary or roundup reviews that is currently owned in his charitable trust. In addition to reviews on the position, he also gives a forecast which discusses the various factors that could affect the stock prices the following week.

Who should use Action Alerts Plus?

Action Alerts Plus is designed for individuals who are active in trading stocks, or for those who want to gain comprehensive knowledge on how the system works. Experienced investors may also find the service beneficial for evaluating stock options.

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What are the Benefits of Action Alerts Plus?

Action Alerts Plus is a good program, especially for those who are new in investments and stock management. It is comparable to having your own personal guide who will teach you every move that you need to take. Aside from tips and forecasts, there is also detailed information on why each specific course of action must be taken.

Action Alerts Plus subscribers are also given full access to every holding under Jim Cramer’s portfolio and are made to understand the reason behind the buying and selling of each stock. They also have the option to replicate each move or not.

Even if you decide to not replicate Cramer’s every move, it would still be beneficial because through the different tips and explanations, you would be able to understand how trading works. Moreover, you would gain ample knowledge and have access to various tools that would help you make independent trading moves over the course of time.

What is Jim Cramer’s Vision?

As a seasoned Wall Street trader, Jim Cramer designed this platform to impart his knowledge on trading. In making his portfolio a charitable trust, he is dealing with an open hand, and letting the public see and learn from his every move. He knows that not everyone would prefer to be taught and dictated every time. Through Action Alerts Plus, he is effectively transforming each investor into an independent trader and empowering them to take charge of their financial future.

What are the Usual Feedbacks on Action Alerts Plus?

Just like any other trader, Jim Cramer’s moves are not always sure to make money, since risk-taking is inevitable in the volatile stock market. Despite this fact, subscribing to Action Alerts Plus is a very good way to start for new investors. New investors will be able to gain enough fundamental knowledge, and enough confidence to eventually decide on their own.

Call to Action

Whether you are a new investor who is looking for a way to start your venture in stock market trading or an experienced investor who wants to learn the ins and outs of trading stocks, Jim Cramer’s Action Alerts Plus will surely help you in one way or another. Subscribe now, and start your journey towards a more fruitful venture into the world of stocks.



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