What Is An American Express PASS Card?

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The American Express PASS card is a prepaid debit card specially targeted for teens. The debit card is easily reloadable and can help both parents and their teenagers control and manage their expenses. The card is offered by American Express as a means for parents to efficiently manage their children’s allowances. At the same time with this prepaid card, young adults are given the chance to experience how to handle their allowances effectively.

The American Express PASS card has been labeled by its users as a ‘credit-card type card that won’t hurt credit’. To know why, read this comprehensive review and learn the various pros and cons of using this card. Let’s look more into the features of the American Express PASS Card.

american express pass card

A Debit Card

Unlike credit cards, a debit card allows the holder to electronically transfer money to a merchant when paying for his purchases.  It is a convenient way of spending without the need to bring cash as most merchants accept a debit card payment.

Although debit cards don’t prove to be much useful when the balance runs out, nonetheless, it also assures that users are not embroiled in unnecessary credit. Thus, for the customers concerned about their financial security, debit cards are usually the better option than credit cards. The American Express PASS card is indeed a debit card which manages to address the specific mindset of the teenage group and their parents.

Peculiar Advantages

The American Express PASS card is a debit card applied by parents for their teenagers. The balance on the card can be loaded through checks or electronic transfer. The look itself is a typical style statement of the young teenage group. Available in four different colors to choose from, an image of the card owner’s choice is printed on top. Made out of recyclable plastic, the card also proves to be an environmentally friendly alternative.

Parents also benefit hugely from the card as they can easily track the spending habits of their young ones. They even have the power to activate or deactivate their child’s ATM withdrawals. Other notable features of the PASS card include a 90-day purchase protection guarantee, replacement guarantee in case of lost cards and protection against fraudulent transaction.

It’s Discontinued Though

As of the present, the card has been discontinued in the mainland. A new PASS card can only be purchased if you happen to be in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Amidst changing customer preferences and stiff competition from other card issuers, the company has decided to discontinue its teenage centered card within the mainland. However, for those who applied the card before its discontinuation, it can still be run until the valid period. However, the company has offered alternatives to encourage its PASS customers to adopt its new cards.

The Alternatives

In its place, American Express introduces the SERVE card. The SERVE card is an offering from the same credit card company which retains much of the benefits of the PASS card. With the flexibility to integrate the card with Smartphones via a special app, the card manages to offer its customers a solution that issues modern needs.  Another good alternative could be the BB&T Leap Account Visa Card which is indeed another popular teenage centered card.

Final Words

Are you shopping for a debit card for your child’s needs? Consider the American Express SERVE card. If you are looking for similar features like the American Express Pass card, then you can never go wrong with the SERVE card.


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