Apartment Checklist: Top 10 Things You Must Not Do

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apartment checklist

Are you planning to move to a new apartment sometime in the future? Well, moving from your old address to your new apartment is often easier said than done. Here is an apartment checklist of the 10 things you must not do before, during and after the move to your new apartment.

10. Indulging in heated arguments

Okay, so you don’t like the landlord of your old address. However as much as possible, avoid getting into heated arguments with him. Heated arguments during the last few days of stay can prove to be more devastating. Remember, your landlord is one person contacted by banking institutions or prospective employers who can vouch of your integrity.

9. Packing at the last moment

People often don’t realize until the 11th hour that it’s time to move. In the rush and desperation to move, you may start packing your items in an absolutely disorganized and haphazard manner. This sort of action will put you into trouble for weeks, even after you move to your new address. Start planning your packing at least several weeks before you leave. Organized and systematic packing is very important.

8. Ignoring cleaning

Before leaving the apartment, make sure that the area is clean and orderly. Leaving your old house in a filthy state will certainly invoke a negative reaction from your previous landlord. At the same time, before bringing your stuff to your new place, you have to make sure the place is clean and spic and span. Cleaning the new house on the day you were supposed to move in will add extra workload to an already tiring day.

7. Ignoring repairs

The switch is broken or the tap is leaking! Expect that repairs are going to cost you money. But being sued after leaving your old house is going to cost you even more! Ensure that the visible aspects of your old address and your new apartment are working fine. Only leave or enter after the damages are checked.

6. Not settling finances

A lot of lawsuits emerge out of unsettled financial agreements. Make sure before you move that all financial responsibilities are settled to avoid future headaches.

5. Ignoring health issues

Make sure that the new place you are moving into is safe for your health. At this time when medication and doctor’s fees are quite expensive you cannot afford to get sick. So be sure to check the area before deciding on it.

apartment checklist

4. Ignoring security

Security in the new apartment should be your number one concern. In fact, this is the first thing you have to consider when you hunt for a new place to move into. Check if the place is safe, the doors and locks are secured. Even before leaving your old apartment, make sure to return the keys to your landlord.

3. Forgetting or avoiding insurance

“What’s the use of an insurance policy anyway? All they do is to make you pay for nothing!” But if you are moving and the apartment you lived in have many problems, you will realize that not insuring the place is something you wish you had never taken. Without insurance, you might need to pay a lot of extra sums for damages. Thus when moving to a new apartment, make sure that the property is insured and the dues are paid!

2. Ignoring legal issues

It appears that you are facing legal issues with your old landlord. Try to settle whatever problems with him before you leave. On the other hand, you can avoid the same issues in your new place if you can secure a fairly written document. Don’t overlook the legalities involved in properties. Befriending a good lawyer will definitely be worth it.

1. Avoiding market search

With scavenger and chameleon-natured brokers roaming all around the market, it’s easier to lose money than you might think. Thus, market searching before deciding on one location is favorable on your part. Trusting and depending too much on a broker may not be a good step to take. Always ask the hard questions. You can also look around the neighborhood to know the right price of the apartment.

With this apartment checklist we made for you, are you ready to leave your old place and start anew?


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