10 Reasons Why You Should Apply For A Chase Slate Card

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chase slate card

There are countless of options today on how you can purchase products both online and offline, but one option that many people have considered to be efficient is using the Chase Slate Card. That said, here are 10 reasons why you should apply for a Chase Slate credit card.

10. No Introductory APR

Being a new card holder, Chase Slate card allows no APR on the purchases you make for the first 60 days after your credit card is approved. The balance transfer you are going to make in the next 15 months also has no additional fees. Afterwards, the variable APR would then be 12.99%-17.99%, or in some cases, 22.99%, if you forget paying on time.

This No APR introductory offer is useful if you want to use the Chase Slate card to pay the balance you owe with other credit cards. The zero-interest rate means the total amount you owe once transferred to the Chase Slate card will not be charged with an interest rate for a certain period of time. This way, you can be debt-free quicker and easier.

9. Annual Fee Is Cut Off

Another thing people really like about the Chase Slate is that you don’t have to pay the annual fee to enjoy the benefits of the card, including the zero-interest rate perk.

8. The Blueprint Feature Means You Get Debt-Free Sooner

All the credit cards from Chase have a unique feature that takes unnecessary interest off your debt. In fact, if you opt for a “Full Payment” and pay your full monthly debt, you don’t pay interest on regular purchases (groceries, gas bills, etc.) even if you still have pending balance. 

7. Customized Payment for Big Purchases

A Chase Slate card also entitles you to take advantage of the “Split” payment option. This is where you can make big purchases (like Stereo System, LCD TV, etc.) and incur interest rates that suit your own payment terms and conditions. This second option is useful for you to be able to specify how many payments in a month you want to pay and at what certain date you can be charged. You can also be sure that Chase will monitor these payments so you don’t get lagged behind your agreement.

6. Cash Advance Fee of Only $3

After the first 60 days of no fees, every cash transfer you make only charges you 3% or 5$, whichever is higher relative to the amount. The same thing with cash advances, which means you get charged less compared to other credit cards every time you withdraw money from the Chase credit card through an ATM.

chase slate card

5. Security Protection

Anyone can access your credit card information and hack into your private life, snoop into your personal records and jeopardize your identity. The good thing about the Chase Slate is that it guarantees zero liability for any purchases made by anyone you don’t authorize. The unauthorized charges will not be held against you, and so you don’t have to pay.

4. Online Monitoring

Card holders can their credit card information anywhere at any time. The security that Chase has in store for their customers gives protection and monitoring abilities to their records and account activity 24/7.

3. Fraudulent Protection

Security is important to Chase. This is the reason why they offer a Patented Fraud Protection service to their customers.

2. A Trusted Brand

Chase has been around for so many years, and the brand itself can vouch for its credibility. This alone can assure you that in case you encounter problems with your credit, it is easy to ask for help.

1. 24/7 Customer Service

Sure, this feature is nothing new, but having a 24/7 customer support, ensures that you can access all the great features that come with being a Chase Slate card holder. This simply means you are getting more value from your credit card.

With these 10 reasons, it’s easy to understand why the Chase Slate card is the best credit card you can use to improve your credit score and be debt free sooner.


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