Top Secrets Revealed On How To Make Extra Money Online

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In these times when regular jobs are scarce, it is no surprise that people are interested in how to make extra money online. If you look at it closely, online jobs have a lot of advantages.  In countries where traffic is a problem, an online job provides an opportunity to earn without wasting several hours each day in travel time.

But if you search for online job opportunities the usual way, through the use of search engines, first few pages of the search results will show ‘opportunities’ which sound too good to be true – and most probably are just that.  The internet is full or advertisements for such things. Claims from some people like “I made a thousand dollars in the first three days of currency trading!” or “Earn $10,000 in just a week!” sound amazing and too good to be true! Sadly, most people who were attracted to these claims find out that they are just that – too good to be true.

Other than these false claims, there are also pyramid and multi-level marketing scheme marketing products with little or no benefit to consumers.  But you can learn how to make extra money online using proven methods which do not include “get rich quick” claims.  Here are just seven ways:

how to make extra money online

1. Bidding For Work at oDesk  

People have different skills, and in many cases these skills can be used in online jobs.  ODesk provides the largest job posting and job bidding online platform.  There are tens of thousands of jobs posted every day.  Employers post ads for jobs that range from writing, proofreading, programming, web development, customer services and a whole lot more.  It is a great site for using your skills at idle times to make extra money.

2. Trading On eBay

From modest beginnings, eBay has grown to be a huge marketing portal where people can buy, sell, or swap items and services.  Many success stories have been written about people who use eBay as an effective online business portal.  Some earn a little extra money to make their lives just a little easier financially.  Some people do so well they leave their regular jobs.

3. Searching For Jobs, Trading and Selling Opportunities Through Craigslist

Through this internet site, you can find jobs at the usual establishments, opportunities to market products, or even bid for jobs posted online.  Some of the available jobs may be done at home and the finished work sent through the internet.  There are jobs of proofreading, writing, helpdesk type jobs, and much more.

4. Bidding For Work At

Bidding for work on this site is much like oDesk style.  There are employers who post work and a large list of contractors who bid for posted work.  oDesk is much larger though, and charges contractors for taking skills tests, unlike in oDesk wherein tests are free.

5. Competing For Prize Awards At Crowd Spring

This site claims to be the biggest online logo design, web development and naming sites in the world.  Clients post requirements for logo design, product or company naming or web development work along with their budget.  You can send logo designs, web development work and naming ideas to the client who chooses whom to award his prize to.  Some earn prizes for their work, but those not selected works for nothing.  Still, some people claim limited success at the site.

6. Dabbling In Stock Market Trading

This is not a surefire way to make money — although investment advisors claim that losses in most cases are only on paper. The market rebounds after some time and then you recoup your losses and maybe earn something.  There are jackpots here, but there are risks as well.  This earning opportunity is suited to those with business-oriented education.

7. Making YouTube Videos  

You just need to post videos and allow YouTube to place ads on them.  YouTube pays you a fraction of a cent per view.  If your video manages to garner millions of views, the income from this endeavor can be substantial.  If you are one of those people who have the ability to make videos that get viral hits, this is an opportunity to earn which you should not miss.

Your Choice

Among the different ways to make extra money online featured here, which do you think is best for you? Are you a writer, marketer, artist, or investor? Try any of the ways we have listed on how to make extra money online.  If you succeed, you may even consider leaving your permanent job for an online one.




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