Top 10 Proven Ways On How To Make Extra Money Online

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The world of the internet hosts many billiondollar enterprises like Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple. At the same time, it’s a world which entertains millions of people who just want to pass their time. In between these two opposite worlds there lies a world where people are earning money on the internet and there are thousands of them. Each day hundreds of new people are resorting to the internet to know how to make extra money online!

how to make extra money online

Here are 10 proven ways:

10. Give your ‘valuable’ advice

The search engine is a solution for all the problems on the internet right? Well, if you think so you are apparently wrong. People need advices for many issues in their life ranging from feeding their cats to replacing parts in a rocket. So when things can’t be found on Google what does the bloke wanting the right advice do? He asks you! And if you have the answer he wants, chances are good that he will pay you for your advice. Websites like and lets you find such money making opportunities on the web.

9. Be a part of the internet ‘sweatshop’

There are some basic tasks on the internet that isn’t quite automated. For instance, if you have to copy those important bills on your accounting program you need to painstakingly look at each entry and put it in the right place. The people who don’t have time to do this make use of websites like Amazon Mechanical Turks, oDesk and Freelancer to find people who will do such painstaking tasks for them. However if you plan to make some serious money, we advise you to abandon this plan as pay starts from just a few cents.

8. Make a video that gets the hits on Youtube

If you have the confidence to fall in a funny way and get the footage to be watched and then laughed at by millions of people on the web then monetize it! If people love your video on YouTube and click on the ads on your video, then you get paid!

FACT: YouTube made Psy (the Gangnam Style singer) a multi-millionaire through the same scheme!

7. Take a five dollar task

If you want to earn a few dollars by doing things that others don’t think they can do, then sign up for and look at their tasks! If you think you can do the tasks for 5 dollars, bid for the job and earn your 5 bucks!

WARNING: some tasks are absolutely hilarious!

how to make extra money online

6. Be an HR manager on the internet

Has anybody been telling you to find jobs for them lately? If so join websites like Referearns or Zyoin and refer the guy to the potential employers who you think will hire him. If they happen to hire him, you  get paid starting with $50!

5. Sell your graphic designs

If you are among those creative types, then the internet is awash with opportunities to offer some money to you. Ranging from contest like websites like to freelancer websites like oDesk, you surely can earn some extra bucks by showing off your design skills.

4. Write

If you think you have the skills to write, then go to websites like Associated Content , Cracked and Demand Studios who will pay you for what you write.

3. Make a website

Provided that you can confidently run a good website you can earn money on the internet. Let Google and Amazon post ads on your website and if the ads are clicked, you will get paid. If your website gets good hits, then you can also call for direct ads!

2. Give your views

Online survey works when people take the time to answer their questionnaires. But more often than not, people don’t have time to fill them. You can do this easily. Web sites like and will pay you!

how to make extra money online

1. Online tutoring

If you have a special skill and can communicate well, then you can earn some serious bucks through online tutoring. Various universities and websites are there to pay you hundreds if not thousands for your tutoring skills.

Among the different ways on how to make extra money online, which one do you think can you do?

Happy earning!



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