25 Easy Jobs For High School Graduates

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Not all high school graduates can afford to proceed to college due to financial problem. How can you cope up with this situation? Can you find a job even if you do not have a college degree? Are there easy jobs for high school graduates that will help them prepare and come up with their needs? The good news is – there are! There are many establishments ready to employ high school graduates like you.

jobs for highschool graduates

Easy Jobs for High Schools Graduates:

Retail – You can apply for a job in any retail establishments like Target; Kohl’s and Walmart. They employ high school students for a part-time or full-time job.

  1. Cosmetics and cell phone store attendants – They are responsible for the sales. It also includes customer handling, stocking of shelves, and invoicing.
  2. Field Agents – You can try sales in the field or house to house sales. There are lots of products that you can retail if you have the talent for this.

jobs for highschool graduates

Restaurant and Food Services – This is another easy job that you can apply for either part-time or full-time job. Work positions include:

  1. Bus Boy – Responsible for removing used plates and cleaning the tables, segregating utensils.
  2. Waiter/Waitresses – Responsible in taking of orders, waiting tables and serving food
  3. Cashiers – Responsible for invoicing orders
  4. Delivery drivers – Responsible for delivering fast food/grocery orders
  5. Kitchen Helper – Duties vary from helping cooks prepare ingredients or getting the ingredients ready
  6. Dishwasher – This are jobs that both female and male high school students can apply for. So, if you don’t mind a not-so-glamorous job, then you can have this one.
  7. Food Handlers – Includes duties in preparing foods; cooking and serving them

jobs for highschool graduates

Grocery – Like the previous two jobs, it also offers flexible work hours

  1. Cashiers – Responsible for invoice and sales
  2. Bagger boy – Duties includes packing goods; accompanying customers to their cars, bringing in shopping carts
  3. Promodizers – Responsible for promoting the product and stock the shelves
  4. Customer Service – Attends to customers’ needs
  5. Maintenance and Utility Staff – Responsible for ensuring that all facilities work. Utility staff job includes cleaning facilities that are mostly needed by customers.
  6. Warehouse Staff – Responsible for entering data and numbers of incoming and outgoing goods.
  7. Time Recorders – Duties include data entry of daily attendance sheets.

Outdoor Jobs – This are jobs that you have to work in the field. You can also check out your local park district, zoo, golf courses and camps. You can apply for jobs such as:

  1. Caddy – Job in a golf course; escorts golfers on the course.
  2. Lifeguard – It can be in a swimming pool or beach resorts. This job requires you to ensure the safety of your patrons.
  3.  Lawn or Park maintenance staff – includes gardening and landscaping. Usually this kind of job includes training. So, you do not need to worry if you do not have enough knowledge. As long as you have patience and passion for it.
  4. Summer Camp Coach, umpires or referees – If you love the sport and you are good at it. This kind of job is for you. There are lots of summer camps that hires high school students for employment

Administrators and Clerical – There are offices and companies that open their doors during summer for high school students. This could include:

  1. Clerk – you may be tasked to answer phone calls so you need to be articulate and has knowledge with phone decorum. Job would include bookkeeping and filing of papers and documents
  2. Messenger or Liaison officer – jobs include delivering letters. This is one of the outdoor jobs that requires you to spend most of your time outside the office.

Temporary Work – This job may vary on the length of time you can work, and this is also good for high school students, like you, who is looking for an administrative job. The length may vary from a day; week, month or for the whole summer. This is usually meant to fill the absence of other employees or even just to help out for a special project. There are Office Teams and Manpower that you could find interesting and you could apply to.

jobs for highschool graduates

Internship Jobs

There are companies that offer high school student internships – they are even paid as long as you are 16 years old. Companies like Microsoft in Washington, Museum of Modern Arts in New York City, Science and Engineering Research at Berkeley Lab in San Francisco Bay area are just some.

  1. Laboratory or Research Assistants
  2. Library Assistants
  3. Community Service

In case you don’t find these jobs appealing, always remember that everyone needs a job in order to gain experience. Being able to work will improve your resume. Give it a try. Who knows, you might enjoy one of these easiest jobs for high school graduates. Happy Job hunting!



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