Top 10 Jobs For 18 Years Old Students

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The job search field for 18 years old students aren’t as wide compared to college degree holders especially if they have to juggle their time between work and studies. But there are many available jobs for 18 years old if they just know where to look. What jobs are perfect for them?

Here is a list of 10 jobs that is perfect to do in their spare time.

1. Tutor

Top 10 Jobs Perfect for 18 Year Old Students

Tutoring is one of the best jobs for 18 year old students. This job is not only for those who enjoy academics and love to devote their spare time with their books, but it is also for students who are musically inclined or artistic. If you want a job where you are the one controlling your time, and at the same time earning extra cash, tutoring is a great job for you.

2. Direct Selling

Top 10 Jobs Perfect for 18 Year Old Students

Direct selling is good for students who have exceptional selling skills. Aside from the fact that direct selling allows you to do your business without you missing out on your social life, this part time job can also be a stepping stone for your very own home-based business in the future. Be sure to find a direct selling company that is legitimate and does not require a high start-up capital.

3.  Illustrator

Top 10 Jobs Perfect for 18 Year Old Students

If you are creative and possess an IT knowledge to design using a computer, then being an illustrator is perfect for you. Most freelance sites are always searching for illustrators or graphic artists. The job opportunities in the internet are vast. With the right skills, this is considered one of the highest paying jobs for any 18 years old. Make sure you have a good portfolio that showcases your best work any time a client requests for it.

4.  Photographer

Top 10 Jobs Perfect for 18 Year Old Students

Being a photographer is a fun job for a teenager who loves to take pictures. Of course, you have to invest in your own equipment and other paraphernalia. But remember these are investments for you to get a job. Better equipments would also mean more bookings. You can also join photography events for free for you to hone your skills.

5.  Waiting Staff

Top 10 Jobs Perfect for 18 Year Old Students

Waiting on tables may be more stressful than selling or freelancing because you are not in control of your own time.  But it is still a job. Aside from the salary, most teenagers working part time waiting on tables get extra cash from the tips they receive every day.

6.  Babysitting

Top 10 Jobs Perfect for 18 Year Old Students

A babysitting job is good especially if you are 18 years old because most parents are more at ease entrusting their children in your care. However before taking on this job, you have to be sure that you actually enjoy being with children. Otherwise, you will have a tough time taking care of  young children. Some parents can be quite strict too.

7.  Pet Sitter

Top 10 Jobs Perfect for 18 Year Old Students

Like babysitting, pet sitting has its own perks and disadvantages. Pets can be adorable, but sometimes pets can be more difficult to handle than children. If you are the type who loves animals, then you should give pet sitting a try.

8.  Delivery

Top 10 Jobs Perfect for 18 Year Old Students

Be it pizza or grocery, delivering goods is a good part-time job for 18 year olds who know how to drive. Most of them even receive extra tips for giving out fast and efficient service.

9.  Modelling

Top 10 Jobs Perfect for 18 Year Old Students

If you are tall, sexy and pretty (or handsome), modelling is a good job for teenagers. Although it is one job that is difficult to get into, with your God-given beauty and physique, then there’s nothing wrong with auditioning to become the next model.

10.  Internships

Top 10 Jobs Perfect for 18 Year Old Students

What better way to jumpstart your career than to start working for your target company? Approach your guidance counselor for ideas, or you can search online for internship hiring. It may be a little stressful to handle both career and studies at the same time, but there is no better way to learn but through experience.

Whether you are in it for the money or for the experience, teenagers have many good job options to choose from. There are so many jobs perfect for an 18-year-old to earn extra income while still in school. You just have to find one that is perfect for you.


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