10 Romantic Anniversary Ideas To Surprise Your Wife

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Your wedding anniversary is always important to your wife. It’s a very special day wherein she dedicated herself to a lasting marriage to the man she loves. Husbands may not value this day that much especially if money or the lack of it is an issue, but wives certainly do. Having said this, expect that your wife is eagerly waiting for you to surprise her with something special. From a husband’s perspective though, looking for a romantic anniversary ideas can be tough.

No worries though, as we have here 10 romantic (but inexpensive) anniversary ideas for you to consider:

1. Candle Light Dinner

romantic anniversary ideas

Prepare a magical evening for her on your anniversary. Set the mood correctly and take her to a  beautiful place – even if it is only in your backyard. Create an environment that is unforgettable. Place candles in the hallway. Put aroma in the room and play soothing, relaxing music in the background. Cook her favorite dishes and arrange the table with flowers and candles. Before taking her to the table, blindfold her and walk her slowly to your dinner table. Take out her blindfold, give her a sweet kiss and greet her “Happy Anniversary”.

2. Plan a getaway vacation

romantic anniversary ideas

Bring her to the place that she is always dreaming of. You can get the tickets secretly and pack your things without her knowing. Make sure the kids are being taken care of by a nanny or someone in the family. To make the surprise sweeter, give her a map with the enclosed tickets inside. Opening the map and discovering the tickets will surely bring make her squeal with delight!

3. Set up a surprise party

romantic anniversary ideas

Another romantic anniversary idea is to set up a surprise party. Call and invite her family and friends over. You can also prepare a video message for her from those people who can’t attend. Ask everyone for a simple gift for your wife.

4. Spice up your bedroom

romantic anniversary ideas

Make the bedroom more exciting on your anniversary day. Fill the bedroom with fragrant candles, dim the lights and put some creativity in your lovemaking. Try out something new like wearing something sexy that you haven’t tried before. Take your time to make it an enchanting night in the bed. Your wife will surely be pleased.

5. Try something adventurous

romantic anniversary ideas

Are you up for an adventure during your anniversary? You can go skiing on a mountain slope and enjoy the sights, or you can go hiking and climb the mountains. Maybe try bungee diving, skydiving or parasailing by the beach. The adrenaline rush during your anniversary day would be unforgettable.

6. Go for a couple spa

romantic anniversary ideas

Get relaxed and rejuvenated as a couple by visiting a spa. Get yourselves pampered in a hotel pool or Jacuzzi. Even better is to give your wife a sensual massage yourself. Give her that tingling back rub or indulge her in a relaxing foot massage.

7. Cuddle by the beach

romantic anniversary ideas

Spend the day by the beach. Walk barefoot and watch the sunset shows off its beautiful colors. Hold her hands and spend the romantic night by the sea.

8. Invite her for a dance

romantic anniversary ideas

Go to a club to dance the night away. You can also enjoy ballroom dancing while holding her body in a sensual way. Make sure to record it on video so you can relive the romantic dance later.

9. Serenade her

romantic anniversary ideas

Take her to a music bar and ask the band to do a special number for her. Ask nd to play her favorite songs.  To make it better, you can sing her a song or you can even ask her to sing along with you.

10. Propose and marry her again

romantic anniversary ideas 

Renew your vows by proposing to her and asking for her hand in marriage again. Recreating the magic of the wedding day will always be romantic for wives. This time however, your children can go down the aisle as the flower girl or ring bearer. The love and commitment you have as a couple will surely make your children feel secure and loved as well.

These are just some of the romantic anniversary ideas we have. Do you have other ideas you want to share with us? We would certainly love to hear from you. 


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