Top 10 Great-Looking Free Resume Templates That Will Get You That Job

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Your resume is the main ingredient to being hired. There are thousands of job hunters like you who want to be hired by reputable corporations. What will set you apart from the competition is the resume you present to the company. A good resume will market you as a possible asset to the company. It must give a complete description of your skills and work experiences appropriate to what the company is looking for. Here are top 10 free resume templates that will help get you that job.

1. For Administrative Roles

Administrative roles include executive assistants, office clerks and department secretaries. These jobs require great organizational skills and high level of accuracy in performing clerical tasks.  Here is one example of a professional resume template for those seeking Administrative Roles:

free resume templates


2. For Consultancy Roles

Medical and IT companies usually hire consultants and freelancers that will help give direction to the organization. These people are one of the highest paid personnel in the company. If you are a freelancer looking for a consultancy job, here is a free resume sample:

free resume templates

3. For Education Professionals

Education Professionals are those working in universities, colleges and other schools. When applying for a job in an educational institution, your resume should highlight relevant work experience. Universities look for people with high educational attainment. Below is a free resume template for educational professionals.

free resume templates

4. For Executive Managerial Roles

Executive Managerial roles include director of government agencies, vice president of the company, and the likes. Resume of these people highlight decision-making functions. Here is a free resume template for Word when applying as an executive of the company.

 free resume templates

5. For Human Resources Roles

Those who want a career in the field of human resource, your resume must reflect strong interpersonal skills, interviewing skills, training skills and strong organizational skills. You can use the job resume template seen below.

free resume templates

6. For Law Professionals

People in the field of law are usually attorneys, legislative officers and legal assistants. Professionals in this line of work are expected to be highly intellectual. However, the role itself can be very demanding and yet, financially rewarding. Here is a free resume sample of someone applying for a career in law.

free resume templates

7. For Finance Roles

Professionals in the field of Finance provide financial advice, analyze loan applications, and set the budget of the organization. If you are in this line of job, you are expected to highlight strong mathematical ability, analytical skills and attention to detail. If you want to get noticed in a financial firm, use this free resume template.

free resume templates

8. For Marketing Professionals

Marketing professionals are expected to be people-oriented, assertive and creative. Those who want to pursue a career in marketing should posses a “go-getter” attitude. It is easy to talk to people but the real challenge in marketing is getting people’s attention. As a job seeker, here is a job resume template that can market your competencies.

free resume templates


9. For Media and Creative Arts Professional

If you want a job in this field, your resume should emphasize your communication skills, creative skills and sociable personality. These people includes writer, designer, creative director and web developer. This free resume template for Word can help you get hired.

free resume templates

10. For Technical Jobs

People in this field are engineers, IT professionals, and technical writers. They are expected to have strong analytical skills, attention to detail and some are even stereotyped as introverts. Here’s one job resume template that will impress companies.

free resume templates

Remember that it is important to include accurate information in your resume. Your resume is a reflection of yourself. It is important to make it clear and concise but still putting your best foot forward.

If you want to land on your dream job, download our free resume samples now. 


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