10 Extra Jobs To Earn Part Time Income Without Leaving Home

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To make ends meet, some people get extra jobs to earn part time income. There are jobs that you can do at home, which have flexible schedule. Through this, you will be able to produce more money on the time that is convenient for you. You don’t have to sacrifice your full time job for this. By getting a part time job, you can pay your bills and still be able to save some for your future.

10. Write Product Reviews

Write Product Reviews

There are businesses and market researchers that hire people to write reviews on specific products or services. These reviews can be used for the improvement of the business. Search online for job offers and see which of the products you have already used so you can write an honest feedback on it. There are companies that will send products for you to try then ask you to write a review for them. You may also find job offers like these. You must be observant so you can write the pros and cons of the products. Your insight is helpful so they could develop better products for the consumers. You may also take paid surveys that let you answer specific questions about certain products. This is faster than writing a product review but the surveys are usually cheaper.

9. Tutor Students

Tutor Students

Earn from your expertise by offering tutoring services to students. You may ask them to come over your place or do the tutoring online. If you are good in a specific subject like Chemistry or Algebra, help students who are having difficulties so they can understand it better. This does not mean that you can only tutor academic subjects. You can earn on whatever skills you have. For instance, if you are good in playing the piano, you may offer piano lessons. If you are good in baking, then you may offer lessons on baking. Determine your talent and earn some cash from it.

8. Answering Service

Answering Service

There are companies that pay people to answer calls from clients and direct them to the proper department. This can be done at home mostly using VOIP programs like Skype. You may get part time income from this as long as you have the needed tools like computer, Internet connections and headset. You should also be good in dealing with people. Courtesy and patience is necessary for this job as you are the first person that the clients will talk to before they can get to the specific department that could help them.

7. Medical Biller

Medical Biller

As a medical biller, you will work for a physician and be responsible for preparing and reviewing the documents needed for billing the insurance companies. You need to ensure that these documents are properly computed and are error free. If there are discrepancies on the payment, you will be responsible for calling the involved insurance company to resolve the issue. On the other hand, if the insurance company has any questions regarding the document, you will be the one to answer them. You and the physician that you are working for may communicate through e-mail and phone so you do not have to leave your home. If you are planning to get a job in medical billing, it is best to enroll on a program that would prepare you for the job. This will help you become more familiar with medical terms and codes that you will usually encounter on this type of work.

6. Appointment Setter

Appointment Setter

Several businessmen hire an appointment setter since they are too busy to contact prospect clients to set an appointment with them. If you have good communications skills and the skill to persuade people, this part time job will be perfect for you. Your responsibility is to call potential clients and try to set an appointment so they can meet with your employer. It is important that you try to book as many appointments as you can since this would mean possible business deals for your boss. Aside from setting an appointment, you are also responsible for appointment confirmation and cancellation.

5. Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

If you love designing on the computer, there are various companies and individuals looking for someone to do quick graphic designing and editing jobs. You can do this after work or during the weekend. Some clients look for designers to create a logo for their business. Others would like to have invitations, flyers or banners designed for them. If you are skilled and creative, this job would be easy for you.

4. Sell Online

Sell Online

You may create your own products or sell products from other brands online. The good thing about this is that you don’t have to spend the whole day looking after the items you sell. Post images of the products on an online store or on a free page and give your contact information. You can then check for orders once you got home or when you have the free time.

3. Editor


If you have an eye for detail and you are good with spelling, grammar and sentence structure, you can work as a part time editor and earn good amount of money. There are several writers looking for experts to double check their works to make sure that they are error free. Take advantage of these opportunities to make extra income on your free time.

2. Data Entry Agent

Data Entry Agent

If you are Internet savvy and you are fast in entering data on database or excel sheets, you can work as a part time data entry agent. Aside from the said qualifications, you must also be accurate on the information that you are entering on the file. There are full time data entry jobs but you can also find project based or part time jobs. For the part time job, you will be asked to complete a specific file. You may then be given another project depending on your performance and availability.

1. Customer Service Agent

Customer Service Agent

If you are friendly, patient and you are good in dealing with people, you can work as a customer service agent at home. A working headset, computer and Internet connection are needed to be considered for this job. Since you will be assisting clients and answering their inquiries, it is important that you have a noise-free working environment.

With all the jobs that you can do at home that will earn you part time income, it is now possible to make ends meet and live a more comfortable life. Make use of your skills and talent so you can save more cash.


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