Silencis Pro Does It Work

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Silencis Pro is a dietary supplement which is meant to address the root cause of Tinnitus, or “ear-ringing”. This condition affects over 45 million Americans and many more millions of people worldwide.

We’ve decided to do a Silencis Pro Review after we’ve discovered what sparked the interest and dedication towards discovering the real cause of Tinnitus… it was actually a bizarre experiment conducted in the 1950’s on deaf people, researchers suggesting that debilitating tinnitus can be treated by simply cutting the auditory nerve. The idea was that as long as you are deaf, you won’t hear a thing, but you won’t have tinnitus.

Instead, their tinnitus got even louder.

Their recent discovery stems from the fact Tinnitus is formed in the brain as “an alarm” which sets off when the brain is not getting enough antioxidants to stop the free radicals from triggering a neurotoxic state; this in turn, can lead to severe memory loss, depression, mood swings, etc.

Keep reading to find out if Silencis Pro is a scam or not, what they’re charging, any other fees you may expect as well as the known side-effects of the supplement.

Silencis Pro customer reviews

We ordered the Silencis Pro supplement a month ago because we actually appreciated the fair point they made regarding bioavailability and fillers. Because you see, this is a very common practice among supplement producers. They use ingredients of low-quality or produce and extract them in labs with a doubtable background and technology.

Fillers are usually used by companies who add just a percentage out of the full daily intake of vitamins you should be taking.

Silencis Pro FDA

According to the website, the FDA is “not authorized to review dietary supplement products for safety and effectiveness before they are marketed. The manufacturers and distributors of dietary supplements are responsible for making sure their products are safe BEFORE they go to market.”

This basically means that ALL supplements on the market just need to present the appropriate FDA disclaimer and cannot claim to have received prior-approval from them.

Silencis Pro is in compliance with the FDA rules and places all the appropriate disclaimers in a clear and visible format for all potential customers to see.

Silencis Pro fake?

So, is Silencis Pro effective?

Users of the program seem to be very pleasantly impressed with the supplement. Reports from those who’ve used them evoke better concentration, heightened focus and a clearer mind starting from the first few weeks of usage.

It is designed to be used for more than 1 month and, rest assured, prolonged use isn’t a cause of concern. It is supposed to aid brain nutrient deficiencies and issues in regards to the brain oxygenation process. Results may, of course, vary depending on how quickly your body responds to the ingredients. Some people feel better faster, while others may take longer.

Silencis Pro  proves to have a good track record with those who have tried it out. According to their research, Tinnitus can be triggered as a result of these two processes not following a natural course.


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