Amazon Prime Review: Is It Really Worth It?

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amazon prime review

Amazon is a multi-billion dollar e-commerce giant, and is one of the most used services on the web. Ranging from eBooks, movies or even physical gifts, you can get it all at Amazon. Since 2005, the website has been running a special service for its users called the Amazon Prime which has been picking up some pace lately among its customers. Know more about it with this Amazon Prime review.

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime, basically, is a package service that can be used by paying a flat annual fee of $79. The service includes several benefits, the most attractive of which is free two-day shipping on all eligible purchases. Availing the service also helps to get special discount on one-day shipping rates.

Some other benefits that Amazon gives to Prime members include access to the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, through which users can borrow some popular reading materials for free reading on Kindle without any due date. Lately an important addition to the benefits has been the addition of watching movies and videos with Amazon Instant Video.

Benefits with Amazon Prime

If you are a frequent user of Amazon, then the advantage you stand to gain with the $79 annual fee is well worth the cost. Some benefits include:

  • No shipping costs for 2-day shipping throughout the year
  • Reduced delivery period means that you don’t need to wait weeks to receive your orders through Amazon
  • Option to save money on 12 books a year by simply borrowing it instead of buying it.
  • If you are satisfied with the video selection at Amazon then it’s certainly cheaper than other rival services

amazon prime review

The downsides of Amazon Prime

Various users have reported several downsides in the services of Amazon Prime. In Amazon’s own review service, Prime has been rated on average at only 2 Star.

  • Only selected titles are free for Amazon Prime subscribers. Hence, users shouldn’t have illusions about the service as encompassing all the products on the service.
  • Reports of higher prices on some products for Prime users, compared to general Amazon users.
  • Some services apply only to kindle device users. So even if you use Amazon on other devices, you may not benefit from being a member of Amazon Prime, which is a big disadvantage for most users.
  • Issues with streaming services also appeared for video users through Amazon Prime. Many users report terrible streaming services compared to rival services like Hulu and Netflix.
  • Many users have reported that although a 2-day shipment is promised by Amazon, it took more than 2 days for customers to receive their orders.

Should you be an Amazon Prime member?

If you are an avid shopper at Amazon, then being a Prime member may bring you some benefits. But first, you may need to decide whether the benefits are worth the $79 you paid to become a member. Even when the benefits might seem to be better at first glance, you may need to check whether the books and movies that you want are available and can be bought at a discounted price if you are an Amazon Prime member.

Having  a Kindle device might be worth subscribing to the service, but if you use other devices like iPad or an Android powered device, paying for Amazon Prime may not be worth it as you might not get access to the materials that a Kindle owner would get. Most of all, if Amazon cannot keep to its promise of a 2-day delivery on your purchases like what most clients complained, then what is the point of being an amazon prime member?


It would be best that you carefully evaluate the benefits and the disadvantages before applying to be an amazon prime member. At this time when the economy is steep, it would be to your advantage that you only avail services that you deem necessary. This would save you money and time. With this Amazon prime review, it is our wish that you make the right and intelligent decision. After all, $79 is not a small amount of money.






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