Pros And Cons Of American Express Delta Platinum Card

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american express delta platinum

The American Express Delta Platinum Card is an exceptional credit card that offers more benefits than just flyer miles. This card offers great privileges to its elite card holders and gives offers that are unmatched by other credit cards.

Major Features

Collect Basic Miles and Medallion Qualifying Miles

Much like most of the air travel credit cards, you’ll get one mile for each dollar you spend. You also get 2 miles for every dollar for expenses in Delta Airlines.  Furthermore, by the end of the year if you spend $25,000 using the card — you will receive 10,000 Medallion Qualifying Miles (MQMs).

If you spent $50,000, you’ll receive 20,000 Medallion Qualifying Miles. You earn a lot of miles the more you spend your American Express Delta Premium card.

Top Priority Boarding as well as On-board Discounts

American Express Delta Premium credit card holders get sole priority boarding perks in addition to the 20% lower price on several purchases while on board Delta Airlines, which includes meal and entertainment options.

Free of charge Checked Bag

Each time you make a reservation for travel with an American Express Delta Premium Card, you and  up to 9 of your friends going with you will able to have the first baggage of each checked for free.

Domestic Companion Certificate

Every year when renew your Delta Premium card, you’ll automatically get a  certificate for a free Delta airline ticket for any domestic economy-class flight.

american express delta platinum

Sign-up Bonus

Once you get approved for an American Express Delta Premium Card , you will get a bonus of 20,000 which also includes 5,000 Medallion Qualifying Miles. You also receive an added bonus of 5,000 miles as long as you bring in a pair of supplementary card holders to your main credit account.

For new Delta Premium card holders, American Express will also give out a bill credit of $50.

Flexible Annual Percentage Rate

The APR rate is 14.5%. At the same time, the card offers a promotional interest rate of 9.99% on balance transfer fees for the first year as a card holder.

Insurance and protection

You are insured if ever you lose your baggage or something wrong happens in your travel. You also get a warranty and purchase protection.

Pros of an American Express Delta Premium Card

Get Qualified for Medallion Status

Receiving bonus points from the Medallion Qualifying Miles is an effective way for you to make it to Medallion status. A Medallion status can have the benefit of perks like for instance, top priority in comfort, luggage shipping and delivery and boarding. On top of that, as a Medallion status member you will gain access to much better accessibility once you decide to trade in your Medallion Qualifying Miles.

Higher Value Companion certificate

Other airline companies would require you to pay a higher priced ticket for the initial fare before you can a companion certificate. This makes the companion certificate almost useless.

It is different with Delta Airlines certificate. It is an authentic companion certificate. You can use it on almost any more affordable seat you bought through the Delta Airlines website. This companion certificate has a perceived value of hundreds of dollars.

Free Checked Bags

This is one very convenient option to avoid paying for checked-in bags. This benefit can help your family save a lot of money when you travel together. This can help save up to $50 per person for a round-trip travel. This is even better compared to other American Express credit card that only offers $200 incidentals credit.

Cons of an American Express Delta Premium card

Higher than average annual fee

Most credit card companies waive the annual fee for the first year but not with this card as they charge $150 for their annual fee. Just be sure that you are able to make the most of the benefits of the companion certificates and MQMs before you agree to paying the high annual fee.

Foreign Transaction Fees

American Express has a 2.7% charge of any kind of your purchases outside the USA.

High APR

This card has a more expensive annual percentage rate compared to other non rewards cards.

With the pros and cons detailed here, have you decided to apply for the American Express Delta Platinum card today? If you are a frequent flyer, then this card is your best choice. 


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