FiOS VS Comcast: And The Winner Is…?

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fios vs comcast

FiOS vs Comcast – which one do you prefer?

We all want fast and reliable Internet connection. With the different service providers out there offering competitive products and services, choosing the best package based on your requirements and what you actually need should not be difficult at all. But is it really easy to choose?

Verizon FiOs and Comcast Xfinity are the two major providers of internet, voice and cable network in the US. Understandably, there is an ongoing debate which one is better. Comcast has been around for quite some time now, and has already gained a reputation in the cable-internet-phone industry. On the other, FiOS may be new in the market, but it uses a state of the art fiber optic technology in providing service to their clients.     

To know which one is better — FiOs vs Comcast, let us compare them based on their pricing, television, Internet, telephone, and overall service.


Both companies offer bundled pricing which means you get the telephone, internet, and television package in one billing. Comcast offers “Triple Play Program” with an introductory price of $99 per month for the first year. From the second year onward, your bill per month will increase to $129.

Similarly, FiOS offers a bundled service known as the “Triple Play Package” which costs $79.99 per month. Other than the price difference, with Comcast you are bound by a two-year contract while FiOS gives customers the freedom to discontinue the service at any time.

In view of the pricing — FiOS wins.

fios vs comcast


Comcast’s basic television package consists of more than 80 channels, with free showtime for the first three months. Comcast Xfinity TV offers all its channels On Demand. Customers can also watch their favorite programs on their phone with the Xfinity TV app for iOS and Android devices.

On the other hand, FiOs offers more than 195 channels on their basic package, including 50+ in HD. It has over 25,000 On Demand titles available each month, many of which are free. It also has 47 Music Choice channels and Commercial Free Music. FiOS TV also comes with cool widgets, Verizon’s Media Guide, and an on-screen Facebook and Twitter access.

Again, FiOS wins here.

Internet Service

Both companies advertise up to 15 Mbps speed. Comcast has been a trusted ISP for many years, and customers enjoy a fast and reliable Internet connection. Comcast also gives 7 e-mail accounts with 10GB storage each. FiOS, on the other hand, uses fiber optics, and provides exceptional speed even during peak hours. You also get 9 email accounts and 10MB of free web space to create a blog or a website. FiOS also gives free router if you order online.

According to most users, the competency and efficiency of service from both companies vary depending on the area. There are some locations that Comcast rules and there are some who highly favor FiOS.

Technically speaking however, FiOS wins with their 100% fiber optic network.


Comcast’s standard package includes “Unlimited Voice” which allows you to have free calls within the United States and Canada. It also has voicemail and typical telephone features such as caller ID, call waiting, and three-way calling. FiOS offers the same features and both services rely on the Internet.

It’s going to be a tie for this one.


Comcast has been receiving negative feedback over the Internet from dissatisfied customers. Most complained about Comcast’s inability to keep scheduled appointments. Worse, customers have long waits over the phone. FiOS, on the other hand,  has received glorious reviews over the Internet.

A bad service is a real deal breaker. When it comes to customer service, FiOS is the winner.

fios vs comcast


Based on our comparison, FiOS is a clear overall winner. But again, check your location and ask around about actual experiences using both services. You can either take advantage of Comcast’s 30-day money back guarantee or FiOS’ no contract freedom. One thing is for sure: with the competition getting stronger every day, the customer is the real winner by getting the best service deals available on the market.

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