Best 10 Cheap Baby Shower Decorations That Are Unique and Memorable

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If you are good friends with someone who is expecting a child, conceptualizing a baby shower might be a great idea. This is of course to show how excited you are for the new journey that your friend will be embarking on and this can also serve as a great form of support among your circle of friends. What happens now if your budget is quite tight but still you wouldn’t want to miss on the opportunity of making your friend feel loved? Don’t worry because cheap baby shower decorations and ideas are all that you need to find.

10. Recycled Materials

10 Recycled Materials

If you wish to save up on the costs for a baby shower, the first and most important thing you need to consider is the use of recycled materials. Chances are you can come up with ideas that will make use of these things and other than that, rummaging through the things you already have will also help you save so much time compared to buying products that are costly and not even as nice as what you already have.

9. Do-it-Yourself Projects

9 Do-it-Yourself Projects

If you are creative enough, make sure to consider creating your own do-it-yourself projects. This kind of activity is of course fun and exciting to do because you will be able to showcase your artistic prowess and you will also be able to save a lot of money. This is not to say that creating your own baby shower decorations on your own should take most of your time. This idea may only work if you are really creative and if you know for a fact that you can pull off making your decorations truly flawless and definitely presentable.

8. Create-Your-Own Invitations

8 Create-Your-Own Invitations

The first thing you need to consider when it comes to throwing a baby shower is handing out the invitations to your other friends. Instead of spending too much money on this one, create your own invitations or you can also go after using old invitations as decorations for the said occasion. This way, you will have a uniquely-themed party and you wouldn’t also have any problem with the amount of money you ought to spend.

7. Cheap Printing

7 Cheap Printing

Another great way to save on your baby shower decorations is by simply using cheap printing materials. If you are to create your own decorations through the use of your own computer, might as well use the same tools to print them all out. Instead of using very expensive ink, make sure to go after cheaper options that are also competitive and that can help you save a lot of money as well.

6. Re-use Clothes and Accessories

6 Re-use Clothes and Accessories

One unique idea for baby shower decoration should be the use and re-use of certain clothes and accessories you might already have at home. This is to say that if you are thinking of a baby-themed shower, if you have kids of your own, use their old clothes as decors. Some baby bottles may be around the area as well as some baby towels, nappies and the like. Try using them to create an ambiance that is specifically focused on your baby shower’s theme. When you do, you will easily figure out that you didn’t really have to spend even just a single cent.

5. Maximize Your Toys

5 Maximize Your Toys

If you have some cute toys at home, instead of buying other baby shower decorations, why not utilize your toys and use them to your benefit. Use some baby-themed toys as decors and this may include your cutest stuffed toys and animals, some rag dolls and other baby-themed stuff. This is a great idea because it’s cheap, it’s easy to pull off, wouldn’t cost you anything at all and is also absolutely unique.

4. Play Around with Colors

4 Play Around with Colors

Another great idea for baby shower decorations is of course your use of colors. Instead of buying too many materials to come up with a decoration that you will only most likely use once, wouldn’t it be better to play around with colors that are just cheap and that can help express your true taste and creativity. Playing around with colors can be in the form of paint and other art materials that are of course cheap.

3. Mobilize Your Noah’s Pets

3 Mobilize Your Noah’s Pets

If you are familiar with the story of Noah’s Ark then you are most likely aware of some of the animals he took care of under his care during the time of famine. Ask yourself if you have these kind of animals at home, in the form of toys and figurines and search for them right now. Use them as a design or a décor for your friend’s baby shower and you will find that it’s actually a pretty exciting idea.

2. Bake-Your-Own Goodies

2 Bake-Your-Own Goodies

If you have the leisure of time and if baking is one of your passions, making use of your talent for your baby shower decorations can be a really great idea. What you can do is utilize your baking powers by creating cupcakes and cakes and design them together in such a way that you will be able to come up with a unique backdrop for your entire baby shower. It may also be a great idea for you to come up with other exciting baking ideas if time permits. This of course you can eat after so it will technically save you money as well.

1. Book-Themed Event

1 Book-Themed Event

Last but not the least, if your friend is a book lover, then simply make use of books as decorations for your baby shower. This is a great idea because your friend and everyone else will definitely appreciate the gesture. It’s also great because this way, the baby in your friend’s womb will already be exposed to books which are of course great to use and always beneficial for them to love especially as they age. What’s more, this idea is undeniably unique for sure.


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