Best Financial Websites That Keep You On Top Of Your Finances

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Best Financial Websites

Almost every kind of resource seems to be available online.  This includes financial websites that keep you on top of your finances in three major ways:  by saving you money, by giving investment advice, and by making spending more visible to help you meet financial goals.  Here are ten of the best financial websites that can help you better manage your finances:

1. Wallaby

This company offers its services for free and is available online, through iOS and Android.  What it does is save you money by helping you figure out which credit card to use and which offers the maximum rewards while shopping.  All you have to do is load your credit card in a virtual wallet, and the program will tell you which card gives promotional rewards.  Savings of up to $100 a year is possible.

2. Future Advisor

This online website provides investment advice for free.  It uses algorithms that analyze your existing 401k, IRA and other investment accounts and compares them to its own model.  The program uses that data to provide recommendations on how best to spread your investment across various holdings, and even suggests specific trades that may improve your portfolio’s performance. Potential savings are about a thousand dollars per year and the service costs just $9 to $19 per year.

3. Simple

This website presents an online or mobile only alternative to traditional banks.  With no brick and mortar branches, branded ATM’s costs are kept low so it doesn’t charge any monthly fees while providing access to 55,000 free ATM’s.  The website also offers simple budgeting tools.

4. Wealthfront

This company offers financial advice online.  They started managing just $100 million in assets in early 2013, but now claim a total of $800 million.  Their services are free for investments of between $5000 and $10,000.  They charge 0.25% annually for larger investments.  The financial advices they give are based on the client’s financial position, investment goals and risk tolerance.  They continue to monitor the account to meet their clients’ goals.

5. Larky

If you found out you missed taking advantage of a discount you were entitled to, you’ll appreciate this site.  They have information on 2,000 memberships and the promotional offers and discounts they give out.  One feature even allows tracking of location-based discount offers.  Users of the service are estimated to save $1000 annually.

6. Simplee

Simplee makes available an online platform called Simplee Wallet which gathers billing information from approximately 80% of insurers.  They are able to itemize the billing to make it clear how much you are expected to pay out of pocket.  Another advantage is finding out what types of procedures your insurer will cover.

7. Unleash

This free internet service acts much like your own company CFO which monitors income, expenses, profits, cash in hand, profit margins and value.  It uses data from the IRS, credit agencies, and such to compare your company’s performance against that of your competitors.  It also tracks overdue payments from clients, or play with different scenarios to get more out of your business.

8. Riskalyze

This internet based service provides risk analysis that allows financial advisors to make informed investment decisions.  They use the power of mathematical calculations to determine an estimated best and worst case performance scenarios.  The financial advisor then makes a decision based on his client’s risk tolerance.  Financial advisors are charged $99 per month for the service

9. Estimize

While investment advice from big banks like Morgan Stanley are taken with a grain of salt because of their association with big companies, this website uses an innovative way to come up with performance projections for trading stocks of 900 companies – crowd sourcing.  The service is free and estimates are provided by compiling input from a community of more than 17,000 members.  They claim their estimates are better than those provided by most investment firms.

10. OnTrees

This is one of the best financial websites ever that has a useful budget software.  It allows you to look at your financial accounts in one place.  It categorizes your spending, and can even send email and SMS alerts whenever your spending looks to overshoot set budget.  You can only see the balance in your accounts, however – you cannot move them.

With all the financial assistance, discount sources, and investment advice available online, there is no reason why you cannot get a better grip on your finances.


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