Costco American Express Card: Everything You Need To Know Before Applying

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costco american express

Known for its thrust to drive cost savings and value for money, Costco remains to be the largest warehouse club chain in the United States and the seventh largest retailer in the world. Together with exclusive access to a wide selection of merchandise, members also get the chance to enjoy premium perks and benefits through the Costco American Express Card.

Before signing that application form however, here are the top reasons why you should apply for a Costco American Express Card:

1.) Wide Branch Network

Costco members may apply for and earn rewards by using the Costco American Express Card at any Costco locations worldwide. Members are covered virtually everywhere they go. Costco is located in over 632 locations in the United States, United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, and Spain.

2.) Great Value for Your Money

Costco American Express cardmembers have great potential to earn cash rewards by spending in Costco outlets through the generous rewards program. Rebates are given when the card is used to make the following purchases:

  • Gasoline– 3% cash back is given for gasoline purchases worth $4000 annually at any US and Costco gas stations, and 1% thereafter
  • US Restaurants – Only a few credit card issuers offer dining rewards to their card members, and for a limited time only. By using the Costco American Express Card, unlimited 2% rebate can be earned all year long.
  • Travel Purchases– Unlimited 2% cash back is given for eligible travel purchases that were made using the Costco American Express Card. This includes hotel bookings, airline tickets, car rentals, travel booking, etc.
  • Other Purchases – 1% cash back can be earned for all other purchases using the Costco American Express Card. This rate is around four times bigger than the average cash back given by other credit card company.

3.) Warranty Extension

When a purchase is made using the card, the original warranty coverage is extended by American Express. Up to one additional year may be earned for purchases with warranty coverage of five years or less.

4.) Purchase Protection

Costco American Express card members may get up to $300-$1000 (maximum) reimbursement annually per item that is accidentally damaged or lost within 90 days of purchase.

5.) Large Savings on Tickets

Cardholders automatically get exclusive access to event ticket pre-selling, discounted passes, and preferred seating through the partnership of American Express and TicketMaster.

6.) Two in One Membership

Costco American Express card members do not need to carry both their Costco and American Express cards, since the Costco credit card already serves as Costco’s membership card.

7.) Travel Benefits

Aside from the travel purchase benefits that cardholders can get from the Costco American Express Card, they can also get additional travel benefits which are as follows:

  • Travel Insurance. Aside from the benefits on travel purchases, cardholders are also covered up to $100,000 while travelling.
  • Free Traveler Check Conversion. This is also a way to save on costs associated with the conversion of  traveler checks, since no additional service fees are charged to the Costco American Express cardmembers.
  • Insurance on Car Rental. While travelling, card members are given a coverage for collision and theft of rental vehicles
  • Global 24/7 Hotline. Wherever they are in the world, Costco American Express card members may request for free assistance by simply calling the dedicated hotline

8.) Expense Tracking and Financial Control

Through the customizable online expense management tools provided by American Express, rest assured that all your purchases are tracked and monitored efficiently. Moreover, it has the ability to determine your spending habits and patterns.

9.) No Annual Fee

Costco American Express card members do not need to pay for a separate annual fee. The card’s annual membership fee is free for all Costco members and is already covered by the Costco annual membership fee.

Overall, the Costco American Express card is a great all-around payment tool for practical spenders and cost-conscious individuals. This is one of the few cards that allow their card members to optimize their spending by giving more value for money.

Sign up for a Costco American Express Card today and start earning while spending!


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