Top 10 Fun And Exciting Family Game Night Ideas

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Family bonding is usually done during weekends, especially at night. Most people call it as “family game night.” Exciting and fun games should always be prepared as these will complete the bonding moments. Here are the top 10 fun and exciting family game night ideas that you can try with your family:

family game night ideas

PictionaryThis is a fun game especially if the players are not so good in drawing. It simply adds to the fun and excitement of the game. The game only requires a white board and a marker, but  if you do not have one, you can always improvise. What is important is that the players have the materials to draw. The game is played like charades where one person will try to say something by drawing it on the board and the other players will guess what it is.

Charades – Just like Pictionary, the game charades are probably one of the all time favorite family game. It allows all members of the family to play by guessing what the person in front is trying to say by acting it out. No need of any materials. The score goes to the one who can guess it right.

Never Have I Ever – This is a another great family game night ideas that require quite a number of people, 10 or more. The game depends on what the players will decide on, whether they will do it like the game Musical Chairs, just that one person will stand in the middle of the chairs announcing one thing he/she has never done, then all those players who also have never done the same thing will get up and find a new chair. The person in the middle will find a chair too. The person left with no chair will be the next person to announce whatever he/she hasn’t done yet. Chairs will always be lesser than the number of players by one.

Who Am I – The game “Who am I” is perfect for a family night game for both adults and youngsters can enjoy it. The game is mainly guessing. First, all the players should pick a name known by all the players. Then, whoever is the “it”, must guess the name that is placed in his/her forehead. The players will choose the name to be placed in the “its” forehead. The “it” will be given 20 yes or no questions, if the “it” can’t figure it out, punishment will be given.

family game night ideas

Monopoly – This is a board game that can be played by just anyone. It is all about owning all the properties for sale and becoming the richest player. It is fun and enjoyable because each player will try to bargain you just anything so they can continue playing the game and redeem what they’ve lost.

Scavenger Hunt  – This is just a simple game; all you need is two teams. The two teams will occupy one room making a list of things for the other team to find. Both teams will agree on the number of things to find. The two teams will then exchange their lists and see who will complete the list first.

Classification – This is a fun time pressured game which will not only entertain every family member but also enhances their thinking skills. The players will get their own pencil and paper and make a grid of a 6 by 6 box. All the players will then agree on five categories, and then all players will list a five letter word related to the given category. The game can run depending on the agreed time limit.

Treasure Hunt – This game is just like any typical treasure hunting game where you find clues that lead up to the treasure. All players can work as a team so they can share the prize or they can also work individually. It will be a fun and thrilling game.

family game night ideas

Scrabble – The scrabble is an all time favorite game by most adults and youngsters. It is because it will not just entertain you but it will also widen your vocabulary and you get to learn some new words. It can be played by a maximum of 4 players and a minimum of 2. Each player will create a new word by attaching letters in the free letter of the word created by the last player who formed a word. One with the highest score will win the game.

12 Things – This is matching game. First there will be an “it” that will tell a statement that is answerable by things, for example, “things you shouldn’t do at work”. All the players will then write things they shouldn’t do at work. After writing, the “it” will then collect the papers and read them out loud. The players with the same answers should find each other. The player who fails to find his match will then be punished.

Do you have other family game night ideas you want to share with us?


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