Build Your Credit With Discover Student Card FNBO Direct

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discover student card fnbo direct

We have all, at one point in our lives, planned to purchase a house or a car, and most of us would need the help of a good credit standing to accomplish this. Starting out early in building your credit is beneficial for your future investments. The best way to build a good credit history is through the use of credit cards. One of the most popular credit cards for young adults is the Discover Student Card FNBO Direct.

Here are some reasons why you should build your credit with Discover Student Card FNBO Direct:

It’s a Great Place to Start

The best place to build your credit is with the Discover Student Card FNBO Direct. Other than the fact that they understand most students do not have a job at this time; thus, no annual fee is charged, there is no minimum balance to maintain and no monthly fee charged.

Personalized System

It can be a bit overwhelming for first time card holders to handle a credit card. Being informed is essential to know how things work. The Discover Student Card FNBO Direct has a personalized system that helps the student card holder find the answer to questions on how this card can be used.

Fraud Liability Guarantee

Because students have the tendency to be naïve when it comes to protecting their personal details, Discover Student Card FNBO Direct protects them by giving out a $0 Fraud Liability Guarantee in case of unauthorized card use.

5% Money Back on Purchases

With Discover Student Card Fnbo Direct, you have a cash rebate of 1 to 5% on purchases listed in certain categories. It is quite a good deal especially if you need to buy resources for school.

It is a Secured Card

Discover Student Fnbo Direct is a secured card. This will require you to make an initial deposit that will determine your credit limit. With a secured card, you are allowed to spend only within your limits. After some time proving that you are able to spend only the amount you are allowed, you will then be qualified to apply for a credit card.

Better Employment Potential and Higher Insurance Coverage

Proving yourself to be reliable in handling your personal finances speaks a lot of the type of person you are. Potential employers make it to a point to check an applicant’s credit standing to see if they are reliable or not. With a good credit standing, you have a better employment potential. You also qualify for a higher insurance coverage.


Most credit card companies give reward points for responsible credit card use. Discover Student Card FNBO Direct entitles the card holder to claim up to 5% cash back bonus for $1,500 worth of online purchases. Make sure to check their website for the latest promos.

Cash Back Bonus

You get additional perks once you sign up with Discover Student Card FNBO Direct. You are entitled to a $20 cash back bonus after your first purchase within the first three months of being approved.

Good Credit Standing = Lower APR

Discover Student Card FNBO Direct gives a low APR of 12.99%. However once you are able to maintain good credit standing for a certain period, you will be qualified for a lower APR.

Discover Student Card FNBO Direct is one of the most recognized secured credit cards for students. It is always important on your part before applying for a certain card, to read the agreement, regulations and responsibilities that come along with owning a credit card. You must also know the rewards and bonuses you are entitled to receive.

discover student card fnbo direct

Building a good credit takes time, discipline and a lot of patience. You also have to be wise in your spending. It is better to start with a small, as long as you do it slowly but surely. Building a good credit score with Discover Student Credit FNBO Direct is a good way to build your financial capacity as you climb up the career ladder.

Apply for a Discover Student Card FNBO Direct card today, and start building a good credit history. 


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