House Cleaning Jobs: Start Your Own Business Today

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house cleaning jobs

Are you thinking of starting your own business? Why not focus on offering house cleaning jobs to prospective clients?

In this modern world where everyone is busy living their fast-paced lifestyles, offering house cleaning services is a feasible business plan. Most people are willing to pay for services to ensure that all their house cleaning tasks are done professionally by someone trustworthy. Before venturing towards this type of business, let us help you prepare by reading this step by step guide.

Step 1:  Assess your suitability for the business

Before venturing in the house cleaning service industry, you must first assess if you will be a good fit for the occupation.  House cleaning job is highly physical and requires intense strength and stamina. Moreover, this type of business requires basic office administration and accounting skills in order to come up with a well-organized system.

Step 2: Get house cleaning experience

Potential clients would surely want to know about your previous cleaning jobs before letting you work on their homes. Options to gain legitimate house cleaning experience would be to sign up as a helper for an established house cleaning service provider, or to volunteer cleaning the homes of your friends or relatives.

Step 3: Create a go-to business plan

Just like any other business, planning is important when venturing towards a professional cleaning service. First, you must determine the types of services that you will be providing and the rates that you will be charging to your clients. Research must be done in order to ensure that your packages are competitive and within the industry average.

Plans on how and where to acquire clients must also be included in your business plan. Marketing and publicity must be given utmost attention as this will make or break your business.

Step 4: Secure a business license

To secure various business documents, you must first register your business under your name and your address. Having a registered business license would also give a sense of professionalism between your business and the dealings that you will be having with your future clients.

Step 5: Obtain liability insurance for the business

Liability insurance is important in order for your assets to be protected if ever your professional cleaning services cause damage to property or accidental injury while servicing a client’s home. Rates will depend on your insurance carrier, and the location of your business.

Step 6: Get your business bonded

A bond is a special insurance that will protect all your clients if ever you or one of your employees commit fraud, or do not perform your committed work competently. Knowledge that your business is guaranteed by some back-up will also encourage prospective clients to sign up for your service.

Step 7: Invest in cleaning supplies and equipment

After determining which materials you will be investing on, you must look for a supplier that would give you a lower price for all materials that you will need to have greater value for your money.

The cleaning supplies that you will be use are important factors that will help you acquire customers. Your products should be non-toxic and environment-friendly to ensure that you are not causing any harm, especially to a household with children and pets.

Step 8: Start looking for potential customers

Nowadays, there are numerous channels and resources available for acquiring customers. Aside from the traditional flyers and business cards, you may also want to explore the online channel which is slowly becoming the main communication medium in these modern times. You may start by posting your services in various groups and forums, and eventually, invest in a website that your potential clients may visit.

Growth of your business

house cleaning jobs

As your client base becomes bigger, the chance of gaining more clients through referrals increases as well. You will eventually need more hands to handle all residential cleaning services that you offer. You may start by training part-time assistants that would help in servicing existing clients. From there, you may work your way into hiring more people, and turning over all physical cleaning jobs to them to be able to concentrate on the administrative side of the business.

Going into a new business venture requires both creativity and hard work. By following the steps mentioned above and adding your own business ideas, you will surely be on your way to having a successful cleaning business in no time!




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