Top 10 Ways to Make Extra Cash from the Comforts of Home

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Money is not everything. But it sure counts for something important in everyone’s lives. If you want to make your loved ones be able to live comfortably, you should think up something that could help you earn extra money without having to leave caring for your family to another person. Juggling household chores with ways to make extra cash is easy if you know your options well enough. Here are some top tips to earn money from home:

10. Make money online.Computer screen and hand with card, isolated on white background

The Internet offers wonderful options to make money. You do not have to be extremely skillful or knowledgeable at anything. You can earn an income for merely filling out surveys, answering questionnaires, sending out emails, translating documents, etc. If you have the heart for it, you may also blog for profit. Pick your niche, blog about it, and earn money while you are enjoying. There are also various tasks and services that are required by online businesses. The only thing you need to remember is to be wary of scammers and fraudsters. Working in the virtual arena comes with it the risk of dealing with ruthless people along the way.

9. Be a landlady.9 Be a landlady.

If you have a spare room in your house, put it out for rent to earn extra cash. This is not so difficult to do, unless of course you have qualms about allowing other people invade your own private haven. But with a positive outlook, you can see this as an opportunity to welcome a different person into your home and into your life.

8. Develop apps and software systems.8 Develop apps and software systems.

Since mobile devices are in bloom, it is also high time that you take advantage of it. Software development is an aspect where you can draw a good amount of income. Even simple computer programming skills can get you a long way by developing apps and widgets for androids and smartphones. If you are highly skilled at source codes, you could also develop operating systems for more profit.

7. Offer tutorial services.1574R-0545A

You can do this either online or even land-based. You can offer tutorial services on specific subjects that you think you are really good at and earn an amazing sum from it. Whether it is Math, Physics, or Language, you can well turn your knowledge into a good amount of pay.

6. Bank and earn profits.6 Bank and earn profits.

Some banks would offer incentives and by merely opening an account within a specific deposit limit. You can use this to your advantage by earning those incentives and earn money without having to do so much.

5. Get into a freelance job using your established skills.5 Get into a freelance job using your established skills.

Creativity can get you a long way but will not take you away too far from home at the same time. Writing, graphic design, and public relations are just some of the professions that can earn you bigtime but will not require you to meet a certain amount of working hours. Freelance jobs are everywhere. You just have to go and find them in the right places. Aside from your established skills, it is also important that you understand how the computer and the Internet work. You will need skills on both to perform well with your freelance job.

4. Offer personal services.4 Offer personal services.

Everyone is busy at this time and age. Sometimes, people would pay anything for someone to do their errands. During your free time from home, you can offer personal services to those who need them. Whether it is doing the laundry or shopping for clothes, it is a legitimate way to earn extra so you should not discount such tasks, no matter how crazy they seem.

3. Get into direct selling.3 Get into direct selling.

This is one of the easiest ways to make money from home. Before online shopping became too popular, direct selling was a craze of its own. In this Internet age of ours, it has not dwindled in appeal. A lot of homemakers still prefer buying from neighbors who have become an agent for a direct selling business such as Amway. It sure is difficult to become a millionaire out of it but it is a way to make money alright.

2. Cook for money rather than just cooking for family.2 Cook for money rather than just cooking for family.

If you are good with food, this is the best time to start your own food business. There are lots of options for those who want to start up their own cooking business. They can serve for parties via a catering service or sell food and goodies to a local market or even online. Operating a catering business can be pretty demanding and time consuming. If you are not ready for the big responsibilities, you can just settle to cooking extra of your specialty dishes and let others enjoy it with a price.

1. Sell old stuff that you no longer need.1 Sell old stuff that you no longer need.

Often, money can be generated from pieces of clutter or those things that are lying around the house but are no longer useful. If they are still functional, you can sell them at consignment stores or shops for used items. You will not only be able to make money out of this, you will also be able to keep your clutter down. There are a lot of things that you can sell to others – from clothing to old jewelries to books to collectibles to kitchen items to home accessories, and even junk.


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