Learning to Live Frugally with the Help of Top 10 Personal Finance Blogs

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Thrifty living is really hard to achieve as there is a lot of denying yourself involved in it. You’ll have to cut out a lot of your old costs and habits, maybe even skip out on a few of your vices as well. However, this isn’t a time where you can splurge an anything you want anymore, and financial responsibility is a big thing. This is why you’ll need to learn some of the best tricks for saving money from personal finance blogs along with a few important tips as well. At the end of it, you might find a few advantages from a new lifestyle.

10. Afford Anything

10. Afford Anything

If you really can’t afford to lose your vices, or any of your hobbies, then there is a way by which you can afford this kind of life. Making ends meet is a bit harder if you don’t want sacrifice your stuff, but Afford Anything really makes a ton of good points when it comes to spending. It’ll teach you how to balance your bills and all your needs and wants into one great financial plan.

9. Wealth Pilgrim

9.Wealth Pilgrim

Perhaps the biggest problem people have with cash is that the rules and regulations that surround finances are complicated and filled with a tons of jargon you might not understand. If you have this problem then you don’t need to take learn these tax laws as a second language. Instead, you can look up Wealth Pilgrim, which is written by a guy who knows how to translate these terms into something you’d understand. It also offers a ton of advice for those with debt problems.

8. Studenomics


The people who have the biggest debts are often composed of students because of the loans they incur while in school. Studenomics is aimed at those students trying their very best to manage debts and keep a decent budget around at all times. The blog is filled with tricks a normal student can use in order to make the best of their time in college. It also works for those who have just graduated from college.

7. Oblivious Investor

7.Oblivious Investor

Okay, let’s say you’ve already dealt with your debts and have a bit of extra cash lying around. It might be tempting splurge on a ton of stuff you want, but the smart move is to really invest your money. This will ensure that you gain money instead of dumping into vices you really don’t need. The Oblivious Investor is about the best investments for people who have no idea where to put their money.

6. The Simple Dollar

6.The Simple Dollar

This is another great blog about taking care of your cash as it really digs into the details of pinching every penny you can. The tips on this blog talk about how you can squeeze every potential facet of your finances so that you have a little more money set aside in the future.

5. Wisebread


If you’re looking into a blog with a diverse set of tips and topics, then Wisebread is a blog that should be on your RSS feed. It talks about recycling gear that you would otherwise throw out, balancing your cash, and your monthly paychecks will all be inline when you read up on these posts.

4. LenPenzo.com

4. LenPenzo.com

This blog is a real original act, and whoever writes it knows exactly what he’s talking about. His posts range from used car tips to budgeting, but then jumps into more complicated topics and explains them relative simplicity and a lot of intelligence. Look it up because it might be the thing you need.

3. Free From Broke

3.Free From Broke

Financial independence has always been the biggest aim young people have in mind. You see, there are a lot of pitfalls to paying off debts, and sometimes they mostly lead back into debt itself. If you’re dealing with debt and have no real options left at your disposal, Free From Broke offers the very best tips that you’ll need to expunge all your debt.

2. Joe Taxpayer

2.Joe Taxpayer

Having trouble getting your taxes in line? Well, the average Joe often has issues with taxes simply because of the highly technical nature of these rules. This blog concentrates on teaching you a thing or two about these taxes with simplified explanations to help you out. This will help you get more money stored away for the future.

1. Punch Debt in the Face

1.Punch Debt in the Face

Debts are depressing, and so are taxes, so why don’t you take a different approach to your finances? Punch Debt in the Face is a funny blog with tons of little comics that feature cash problems and other issues. It’s funny, and refreshing, but it is also amazingly informative because it comes from the point of view of a group who find the humor in economic crisis.



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