Top 10 Making Money Ideas That Can Give You Financial Freedom

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Life is supposed to be good; it is supposed to be fun. Nevertheless, there are people who are struggling to meet ends in their daily lives. Why do people struggle when it comes to their finances? It is because they are not attracting money to their life. Think of this – people work to earn money and in return, they will use that money to pay off bills and their daily expenses or simply pay the lifestyle they have. In order to experience financial freedom, love your work and if you have some hobby or interest, try to monetize it. Finally, live a simple and good life. You may earn huge every month, but it does not guarantee good life for you as long as your lifestyle is so expensive. There are several making money ideas you can engage. The key here is that you love doing it, not because you want to earn money. Cash is just a valuation of how you give love and positive feelings to the things you love to do. Love what you do – that is the key.

10. Be a Mystery Shopper10.Be a Mystery Shopper

If see shopping as a hobby or a form of relaxation, you can take advantage of this fun thing. It is possible to earn from this hobby by being a mystery shopper. You can earn between $10 to $20 per shop you do and visit. In this work, you will have the opportunity to shop around boutiques, restaurants or shops and your work is make observations and determination if particular company is following their own regulations.

9. Rent out Parking Space9. Rent out Parking Space

If you have a nice and well-spaced in front of your house or even garage, try to rent it out. Of course, this is one of the nice money making ideas is you house is located near a venue for sporting event or even party. In these kinds of events, people will come and public parking spaces will be occupied pretty fast. You can ask $1 or $2 per hour of parking in your place.

8. Rent out a Room8. Rent out a Room

If you have a huge house and having problem paying the mortgage or the monthly bills, you can consider offering one of you room for rent. This kind of idea is good if your house is near a college campus or a business district. Consideration is very critical here. You have to screen the renters who are applying and you have to do serious background and personal checking.

7. Online Researcher7. Online Researcher

You can take advantage of several companies that look for online researchers who can work from the comfort of their homes. What you need in this work is a working computer and good Internet connection. The pay here can start at $10 and go for more on an hourly basis. If you are keen on browsing the web, this is a nice part time work you can try. You can research online at your own pace, at your own time and at the comfort and convenience of your home.

6. Part Time Writer or Blogger6. Part Time Writer or Blogger

If you have the love and passion of writing online or engaging in blogging, monetize this hobby. There are several online marketers, companies and individuals looking for writers or bloggers to create articles for them. You can search for them easily over the internet. You can write or blog articles at the comfort of your own home. You can set your time, but make sure that you meet the deadline of submission. You can earn decent amount of money here in part time and good amount of money if you try this full time.

5. Tutor5. Tutor

If you have knowledge about a particular subject or better, if you have an undergraduate degree in education, engage as part time tutor. You can tutor online and offline. This can serve as training for you if your major is education. You can earn decent money in tutoring.

4. Stage Houses4. Stage Houses

In this idea, there is no need to take interior designer degree in order to become a professional one. What you need to do here is to bring out your creative side and your love of styling and designing your own house. This job can pay off decently of as much as $500 just for staging your home. You are the one responsible for the decoration of an empty house in order to give it an inviting look to your prospective clients. The companies hiring people to stage houses are the firms of e realtors and the banks.

3. Become a Nanny3. Become a Nanny

If you are very familiar in taking care of kids and most important, you love to spend time with kids, you can monetize this love and familiarity. Try becoming a part time nanny. If your patience can hold up energetic kids, you can earn as much as $175 per week. You can start by offering this this service to your friends or neighbors who has parents that are both busy and with kids.

2. Garage Sale2. Garage Sale

If you have too many items in your house and most of them are not in use and old, why not sell them in your own garage sale? Think of the household items in your house, what are the things that you do not need? What are the things that are in excess in your house? For sure, there are so many things that you do not need in your house as they already served their purpose for you. Sell them because there are other people who are looking for cheap yet usable household items.

1. Sell Home Made Food Products1. Sell Home Made Food Products

Do you love baking? Do you love creating and cooking something special? If you have homemade foods that you know is great tasting, try to monetize it. Start selling those baked goods and cooked foods to your relatives, friends and colleagues. Then, let them give recommendations to the people they know.


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