Top 10 Money Making Hobbies That Will Give You a Wealthy Lifestyle

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Finance is a very significant aspect in a person’s life. Most people are making the very possible effort in saving money in order to buy something, to have something, to achieve something and the list goes on. These things can be a new gadget, a new car, a new house or even a vacation to a nice tourist location. The sad part is that people work to earn money to have these things in life. Why it is a sad thing? This is because the people are being robbed of happiness – they struggle working just to earn money and to provide. For money to come to your life, it is essential that you love what you do/work/hobby. Love it without any expecting rewards and you will attract money to your work/hobby. Money is just the valuation of the things you love and desire to do. Work or engage in your favorite hobbies because you love to do it. Put and give love as well as positive feeling and thoughts to the hobbies and work you do and you will magnetize money to you. If you are into hobbies, you can consider engaging in money making hobbies and then give love to it and for sure, money will flow to it – just be patient. Finally, the truly rich people are those who need less in their life.

10. Shopping10. Shopping

For some, shopping is a form of hobby as well as relaxation. How can you monetize shopping? Begin to spend someone else’s cash. There are people who are paying personal shoppers to do the shopping for their sake. The typical clients here are busy parents as well as the elderly. In this work, you can earn in the range of $15 to $20 per hour as a part time or even 10%-15% of the total amount of purchases. This is a great way to earn additional money while enjoying browsing to your favorite store.

9. Dog Walker9. Dog Walker

If you love having a pet dog and giving it a walk around the park, try to monetize this hobby. In this one, you can earn by taking and giving care to the pet of other people. Most dog walkers are charging in the range of $10 to $18 per walk and the amount is dependent on the location as well as number of pet dogs. It is also possible to do overnight dog sitting and this will cost.

8. Baking8. Baking

If you are great and skillful in baking, love it! Put love and bake great products and in return, you can monetize it. There are lots of people who are hiring services of bakers. You can this money making hobby through offering the baked goods at any small art fairs or even at non-for-profit events for free. As you do this, pass or hand them your business cards as well as seek recommendations. If there are local farmers’ markets every weekends in your area, you can sell your baked goods there, but make sure these baked goods are not spoiled easily. Just make sure to conform to the standards and guidelines of your farmers’ market.

7. Organizing7. Organizing

Are you very meticulous when it comes to organizing stuffs? You can monetize this kind of hobby. If you are really good as well as enjoying (which is the important part) in organizing things, you can earn from this because there are several people who are unorganized and needing help to someone who will organize things for them. You can earn nicely from doing this. Start small by offering your services to your families, relatives and friends. As you expand, market your skills to your local real estate agents and work as unpacking and organization resource to the new homeowners. Ask your clients to recommend you to others.

6. Playing Guitar6. Playing Guitar

For people whose hobby is guitar playing, engage in playing guitar with passion and love to the local bar and restaurant as an evening entertainer. Of course, you will be paid to do this and also, there will be tips, and free food from the host restaurants and bars. Other things you can do with this hobby are to offer guitar lessons to people wanting to learn guitar. Of course, if you want to engage in this kind of business is to research first.

5. Coaching Sports5. Coaching Sports

Do you love the sports? Are you knowledgeable about the technical aspects in sports (even if you lack the athleticism)? There are several coaching jobs available all over the country especially in the local or amateur leagues. Basketball, volleyball, American football, soccer, baseball – name it, you can find coaching jobs.

4. Anything Crafty4. Anything Crafty

If you have the talents and skills of craftiness, harness it as well as put love and passion in it. Work in your creations simply because you love doing it. Do not think about money. Just love what you are doing. As your friends, relatives and family members notice your works, they can help you in monetizing it. One of the website you can try is You can sell your crafts here. Also, you can sell your crafts to the local farmers’ market.

3. Writing and Editing3. Writing and Editing

If you love writing, blogging or simple creating creative piece of articles, you can also monetize in this hobby. As you put love in your hobby of writing and blogging, you will definitely come across to some people needing your articles or your expertise in writing to come up an article. There are people needing freelance writers both online and offline. In fact, there are several online writing jobs available such as SEO writing. You can be part or full time in this hobby. Offline, you can find clients who are students and professionals needing someone to write for them because of their busy schedules.

2. Photography2. Photography

Photography is another great means of earning money while doing something you love. Many people are monetizing their love for photography by offering their services to different occasions. You can start this by offering your service to your family, your friends, your relatives and colleagues. Starting small and then add to your portfolio is the key here. Through asking them to recommend your services, you can earn big in this photography hobby.

1. Web Design1. Web Design

As the Internet world expands and more and more people want to engage in the Internet, you can take advantage of that if you have the knowledge about web designing. More people are using the Internet to sell something. If you know how to design a website, you can offer your service to them. Show some portfolio of your web designs.


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