Top 10 Must-Know Free Money Book Tips Before You Make a Purchase

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In recent years, books that supposedly divulge how you can obtain free money from the government and elsewhere have become quite popular. The one that gained much fuss is authored by Kevin Trudeau who is a New York Times bestseller. But his “Free Money ‘THEY’ Don’t Want You to Know About” is not the only free money book out there. There are lots more you can look up the shelves. Here are some tips that will help you separate good eggs, err, books from bad ones.

10. Find a book that will guide you through the process

10 Find a book that will guide you through the process

Free money books are widely varied. More often, they are about free money that you can obtain through government grants. Billions of dollars are allotted by the US government to the constituents, given that they actually have a need for it. Sometimes, it’s just that people don’t go applying for them so those huge amounts practically go unused. By using a money book that will teach you the step-by-step process of applying for grants, you will be enlightened on which way to go.

9. Find a book that will show you the way in a realistic manner

8 Find a book that is more than just a directory

Let’s face it. A lot of grant money go unused because it takes a complicated process to get to it, really. One has to persevere in applying and seeing through that application. Any book that will tell you it’s as easy as counting 1-2-3, think again. You know, anything that sounds ‘too good to be true’ probably is. Beware of books that make it seem so easy and simple to get approved for a grant. In reality, you need to pass through an application process that will measure not just your need but also your competence.

8. Find a book that is more than just a directory

9 Find a book that will show you the way in a realistic manner

There are various books that are being published lately. If you are not vigilant enough, you can be eaten easily by hype. You have to look into the contents of the book, judge whether it will be helpful or not before you invest money on it. Some books will only contain directory listings. Such books are barely useful. If you do not intend to move from one state to another, the contact information of those agencies operating in different states would not matter, really. Also, since change is inevitable, it is not surprising to find contact numbers that are current at the time the books was published, they may no longer ring true in years to come.

7. Find a book that is well written

7 Find a book that is well written

No amount of good message can be squeezed out of a badly written handbook. Remember that free money books are there to guide you along the way of obtaining money for no cost at all on your part and sometimes with no strings attached. You need to be able to read along the lines easily. Losing your way in the process will put the whole idea into waste.

6. Dig through the message

6 Dig through the message

Measuring the usefulness of the wealth of information being introduced to you through the book is a nice way to judge if one is good enough for you or not. When buying a book, keep in mind what you looked it up for. If it will not meet your major objective then what’s the point of investing rather wasting your money on it? That’s why for the rest of this tips section, we will give you five of the best books of this type, which you may include in your shortlist.

5. Free Stuff If You’re Over 50

5 Free Stuff If You’re Over 50

The editors of FC&A squeezed out every information they can get from reliable and reputable sources to come up with this compilation of ideas on how people aged 50 and above could get free money and other freebies like clothing, prescription medicine, and groceries.

4. Free Money Now for African Americans

4 Free Money Now for African Americans

This is a good books that is directed to a particular group of people. If you are an African-American and you would like to obtain free money from the government, you must check out this book by Dr. Donna and her children.

3. Free Money to Pay your Bills

3 Free Money to Pay your Bills

Matthew Lesko and Mary Ann Martello join forces to offer detailed information on how you can obtain free money from the government. You can use that money to pay for bills and various items that are must-buys on a daily basis. Aside from your credit card bills and property taxes, you can use the free money from the government to buy your groceries, medications, travels, car repairs, and tuition fees. “Free Money to pay your Bills” is an interesting read although it does not cover the main topic broad enough.

2. Free Money for Everybody

Free Money for Everybody

Matthew Lesko is back again with a book tackling free money. This time, he focuses on free money you could obtain from the government through grants. People in the United States are eligible to obtain grants for the whole family but those grants are put to waste because they are not applied for. This book is trying to provide a guideline on how everyone can get their share. This is again part of Lesko’s advocacy in bridging the gap between the federal government and ordinary citizens. His series of books on ‘free money’ is but part of the bigger picture. He also writes articles for newspapers and magazines and does radio call-in programs

1. Free Money ‘THEY’ Don’t Want You to Know About

1 Free Money ‘THEY’ Don’t Want You to Know About

As was mentioned earlier, this is one of the best, if not the best free money books that are out in the market Trudeau offers simple and easy steps on how to get your share of billions of dollars of free money a hundred and one ways. It is a compilation of useful information that anyone should take advantage of in order to avail of grants for individuals, families, and even businesses. What’s even more amazing is the fact that his book is an easy read. It will not give you a hard time cracking the codes or getting to the point exactly because it arrives directly at the point.


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