Top 10 Unique Ways to Make Money That are Legal

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To make ends meet, there are people who try to earn more money even in the most unconventional method. There are several unique ways to make money that you too can try, especially if you would like to make extra cash. They may not be the usual jobs that majority of people know of but they are legal and they can make you some profit.

See which of these jobs on the list you can do. Some of them require skills, while others require your time. Even if you have a full time job, you can do any of these on your free time.

10. Offer Your Skills Online

Offer Your Skills Online

Online stores are very popular nowadays. Sellers offer their products on the web, as a lot of people are now into online shopping. Aside from items, you can also offer your services on the web. If you have special skills or talent like designing, transcription and video making, there are sites in which you can post your service like Fiverr. There are companies and individuals who are looking for people to work on some projects. They might need your skills so let everyone know what you can do. Who knows, the right person might just find you.

9. Participate on Medical Trials

Participate on Medical Trials

Medical researches often need participants so the new treatments, procedures and medications can be tried on people. This is to see if they are effective or they need further improvement. Aside from taking part in developing medical procedures or medicines that may be able to help a lot of people, you will also earn a good amount from this. This should be closely supervised by licensed professionals. Before volunteering to participate on these programs, make sure to check on all the information to ensure that you are ready for it. Tests are usually done before the program to make sure that you are fit to participate. Your health is still the main priority over the money that you will earn.

8. Bank Your Sperm

Bank Your Sperm

If you are a guy, you can earn by donating your sperms as there are infertile women who can actually use them. Aside from helping them have a baby, you can also earn some cash from this. Ask your doctor for reputable sperm banks that you can go to. Each sperm bank has its own requirements. Most banks require donors to be 18-34 years old, healthy with average weight. Some banks even require them to be at least 5’11” since a lot of moms prefer this. You need to go back to the center at least three times for the donation to be paid. That is if you were accepted to become a donor. Your sperms will be checked on your first donation to see if they are healthy and have a good chance to fertile eggs. If you passed, then you need to go back for the second and third donation.

7. Dumpster Dive

Dumpster Diving

As they say, one man’s garbage can be another man’s treasure. Dumpster diving is not a glamorous job and it is definitely not for those with weak stomach. However, those who don’t mind diving on dumpsters searching for items that they can still sell or recycle can earn from it. Not all cities and states allow this. So make sure to check on the local authorities of the place that you would like to dumpster dive if they allow this in their area. Wear clothes and items that will protect you from this challenging job like gloves, boots, pants, mask and long sleeved shirt.

6. Sell Hair


Selling hair is one of the unique ways to make money. If you haven’t heard of it before, now you know what to do the next time you visit your hair dresser. Ask the salon where you are getting your hair cut if they buy hair. If not, they may know of a hair professional or company that does. Since you are having your hair cut, why not make some profit from the hair that will be cut?

5. Accept Ads on Your Car

Accept Ads on Your CarCompanies pay for their products and services to be advertised. Advertisements cannot only be seen on TV or heard on the radio but they can also be printed elsewhere, including your vehicle. You will earn good cash from this since companies pay a lot to have their business seen by a lot of people. Since you will carry the ad everywhere you drive, the company’s exposure will increase. If you do not mind having a car that is painted with ad, then you can give this one a try.

4. Donate Plasma

Donate Plasma

Plasma is the liquid part of the blood, which is needed for treating various diseases concerning blood clotting and weak immune system. It is also used for different medical researches and treatment of burn victims. If you are qualified, you may donate plasma and get some cash for compensation. To donate plasma, you need to go to a center that accepts donation. Fill up the needed paperwork and answer a short interview from the representative. Your blood will also be tested to determine if you are fit to make a donation. If you pass, plasma donation will begin, which often takes a couple of hours.

3. Join Focus Groups

Join Focus Groups

Focus groups are used by market researchers to determine the products preferred by consumers, as well as learn what they think of certain brands. Check on websites online to find companies hiring participants for focus groups. Some of them may ask you to complete a survey on products that you have already tried. There are also some that would let you try a specific product or brand then let you discuss it with the other participants, either online or in person.

2. Be a Mystery Shopper

Be a Mystery Shopper

Marketing companies and business owners themselves hire mystery shoppers to observe, as well as rate the service provided by a certain business. For instance, you may be asked to go to a restaurant and see how well the staff serve their clients and how the menu tastes. You need to be observant and you must also act well to become successful on your mission. Your input will then be used to determine if the service is good or if it needs improvement.

1. Work as a Personal Shopper

Work as a Personal ShopperLove shopping but you do not have your own cash? Shop for other people and earn from it. There are people who are too busy to do the shopping on their own. Also, some people may not be able to shop because of their old age or current health condition. This is why they pay someone to do the shopping for them. Look for job posts hiring a personal shopper or ask friends if they know someone who is looking for one.

These are just some examples of the unique ways to make money. Think of your skills and talents, there might be something that will earn you some profit. It does not have to be conventional, as long as you are not breaking the law.


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