Top 10 Valentine’s Day Ideas to Do for Your Husband this February

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You find yourself married and are now thinking of the old adage that love fizzles when married for many years. This doesn’t have to be so. If you love your husband or you want to rekindle your romance to its premarital state, why not do so in the month of February? Valentine’s Day is one occasion where romance and everything else sweet is made excusable. If you don’t know what to do for him or give to him during this season of love, listed below are some of the top Valentine’s Day ideas to do for your husband.

10. Re-enact your first dateCouple Eating Cotton Candy

Just because you’ve been married for several years doesn’t mean that you can’t reminisce, let alone re-enact your first date. Surprise your man by taking him to the place where you first dated. Go all out and even dress the way you did on your first date. Order the same foods or do the same things that happened. Your man may not get it at first, but through the date, he’ll eventually get the idea and will love you even more for it.

9. Take him to his favorite restaurant9 Take him to his favorite restaurant

Men have an appetite that can’t be explained. If he has a favorite restaurant that he always orders at or always goes to, then this Valentine’s, set a date with him to that place. Make sure to prepare yourself just in case his favorite just happens to be the fancy and expensive Italian restaurant in the city. Prepare your stomach as well because his favorite restaurant may not suit your palate. Remember, this night is for him. Endure it and you’ll be rewarded with your husband’s most grateful smile, kiss, and embrace.

8. Make his commute comfortable8 Make his commute comfortable

Here’s a unique Valentine’s idea for your husband – make his commute comfortable each morning. If your husband has to drive to and from work each day, especially if it’s a long drive, doing this for him, is guaranteed to be well-appreciated. It can be a heated massage seat, his favorite coffee, favorite snacks to munch on, or a CD or MP3 compilation of his favorite songs. With these, his commute is sure to be a comfortable one.

7. Give him a sexy portfolio of you7 Give him a sexy portfolio of you

Men are visual creatures; always have been and always will be. Use this to your advantage this Valentine’s Day by having sexy photographs of you taken by a photographer. If you can’t afford a professional one, find out if a friend who loves to do photographs on the side can do it for you. You should preferably take it with someone you feel comfortable with. Buy some nice frames or simply display it on the bed when he gets home. He will be pleasantly surprised.

6. Plan a weekend for two6 Plan a weekend for two

Your husband is probably busy working days and nights to provide food on the table and shelter over your heads. Give him a well-deserved break for Valentine’s Day. Schedule a weekend with him to the lake or beach. Rent a cabin, stay in a friend’s vacation house, or simply camp to save on lodging costs. Let this be a no-work weekend and just service him all the way so that he’ll be one relaxed puppy by the end of your short vacation and ready to go to work again.

5. Give him a gadget or accessory5 Give him a gadget or accessory

Every man has that techy/geeky side within him, even if he doesn’t admit it. So, what better gift to give him than a gadget or a techy accessory? When you think of gadget, you don’t have to imagine laptops, or smartphones, or tablets that will blow your budget. You can buy him an inexpensive heart rate monitor, a belt clip, special headphones geared for your man’s hobby or favorite past time activity.

4. Buy him tickets to his favorite show or most awaited event4 Buy him tickets to his favorite show or most awaited event

If your man loves basketball, baseball, football, or whatever sporting events there is, then Valentine’s Day is a time to treat him to a pair of tickets – with you as his date, of course. While front row seats may be out of the question for your current budget, you can always purchase tickets with seats that are relatively near the court for a good view of the game. Be sure to have some change in hand for those ring side snacks your husband is sure to order as the game unfolds.

3. Prepare a candlelight dinner at home3 Prepare a candlelight dinner at home

Who says a candlelight dinner for two has to be at an expensive restaurant? Why not do it in the comfort of your own home for much less the price? Set up your terrace with a covered table, fragrant flowers, and candles. Cook up his favorite meals or order it. When your husband comes home, blindfold him and surprise him. He’ll be pleased you went to all the trouble to prepare such a delight for him. Then, dine underneath the moon and stars with the both of you to warm each other up.

2. Don on some intimate lingerie2 Don on some intimate lingerie

Show your man that you’re willing to do anything to please him. If he’s never seen you in a new pair of undies, then go all out and buy some intimates online for a bargain. This way, you won’t have to be embarrassed if buying from a mall or boutique is too awkward for you. Clean yourself up well and good before he comes home. Wear your intimate apparel and see his eyes open wide in pleasant surprise.

1. Cook for him1 Cook for him

The saying that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach has been tried and tested over the years. Cook up his favorite meals and that means all of it. Take it up a notch by inviting your husband’s best buddies and their wives. Prepare their favorite dishes for dinner and just enjoy the rest of the night. Who says you have to spend Valentine’s Day just the two of you, when your husband will have a great time spending it with you and the people dear to him as well.


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