Fun Things To Do This Summer Time Without Breaking the Bank

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What are the different fun things to do this summer that won’t break your bank?

Summer is almost here, and soon families are looking for fun things to do with their children that does not involve the TV or the use of a computer. Small children are more attracted to activities that provide real interaction with a lot of people. These are activities that adults would do well to encourage – any type of family activity that takes children away from gadgets for at least part of the day.

Some people believe that you have to have a big budget to be able to organize something fun for the family to do this summer.  That is not necessarily true.  There are many ways to enjoy fun activities that don’t cost an arm and a leg.  The key is defining what constitutes a fun family activity.

Family Activities

Family activities should be something that everyone, regardless of age, can participate in. The activity you should consider should be one with almost universal appeal – it would not do if one or two family members sit on the sidelines bored to death.  Activities that require a lot of motion tends to appeal to children more, as are those that allow them to explore.

The definition of an all-inclusive fun family activity for summer may sound like a tall order, but it’s possible to embark inexpensively. Here are a few ideas you must consider this summer that will not put a dent on your finances:

1. Work In a Garden

Fun Things To Do This Summer

Aside from the fact that children love to see things grow, they also benefit from interacting with their parents.  For children, doing things that grownups do is always fun.  You can start using vegetable scraps to create a vegetable section in your garden.  Get the seeds you have removed from tomatoes to germinate. The same can be said for peppers and almost anything else with seeds.  Older children can help fence the garden or build trellises for vines. You’ll have a blast without blowing your budget.

2. Cook or Bake Something Together

Children love tinkering in the kitchen, and a chance to do this with their parents is something they are sure to enjoy.  It also doesn’t cost much.  Quite a bit of elbow grease may be required in the cleanup after cooking is done.

3. Backyard Camp Out

Fun Things To Do This Summer

This is especially appealing to children under ten, and for those a little older you can make it more appealing by building a tree house together.  Depending upon local laws, perhaps you can even roast hot dogs and marshmallows over an open fire, go stargazing and spend the night in a tent.  Definitely, lots of fun for nickels and dimes.

4. Visit Relatives Living on a Farm or Ranch

Fun Things To Do This Summer

Granted, this option is only available to people with relatives living on farms or ranches, but it is a  good idea for summer. Children of all ages benefit from interaction with animals, whether they are farm animals like chicken and livestock or dogs and horses.  It is also a good way to bond with family.  As a bonus, the whole family will enjoy a change of scenery and perhaps even help out with farm or ranch chores.

5. Check Out a Park, Playground, Nature Reserve or Zoo

Fun Things To Do This Summer

To keep costs low, nearby is the operative word to remember. There are games and hikes available at most parks, playgrounds and nature reserves of interest to a wide range of age groups.  An added advantage is getting the whole family aware of the environment and the need to protect it.  A visit to a zoo or botanical garden provide the same benefit and should not cost that much.

6. Go Bowling

Fun Things To Do This Summer

Bowling should not be that expensive as most lanes allow young children to play for free or at reduced rates.  It is also an activity that anyone from young children to retirees can enjoy.  While it looks like a boring game for old people, you have to try playing a game or two to appreciate the excitement it brings.

There must be a lot of other inexpensive ways to have fun this summer.  It only takes imagination and a little bit of your time to schedule fun things to do that your kids will remember for life. With this list shared about some of the fun things to do this summer, what is your favorite?


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