10 Ways to Enjoy Your Thank You Points

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10 Ways to Enjoy Your Thank You Points

There is no need to wait for the holiday season to reward yourself and the special people in your life. You can now enjoy your Thank You Points in many ways.

Citibank’s Thank-You Preferred Card gives out rewards and compensations to valued card holders for doing what they love. Whether you love watching movies or concerts, or spending a romantic night with your partner in a restaurant, you can earn two points for every dollar spent with no annual fees every time you use your Citibank’s Thank You Preferred Card.

Here are 10 ways on how you can redeem and enjoy your Thank You points:

1. Entertainment Exclusives

Enjoy special access to purchase tickets for VIP packages, preferred seating and pre-sale tickets to concerts, sport events and exclusive movie premieres. Imagines getting up close and personal with your movie idols and sports heroes as you watch them live! Exciting, isn’t it?

2. Travel

Fly halfway around the world by purchasing online tickets and getting on board your favorite airlines. You can redeem your Thank You Points for airfare through the Citi Thank You Travel Center. This is valid on any airlines, with no blackout dates. So, book that flight now!

3. Hotels & Car Rentals

Aside from the travel amenities, you can also use your Citicards Thank You points by renting a car or getting a hotel room once you reach your destination. Of course, you would want a place to relax and a vehicle to use when you are in another country, so why not use your thank you points and save your cash?

4. Student Loan Rebates

Using your Thank You Points is another option for you to pay your student loans or mortgages. Citi members can now redeem Thank You points for a check as payment for their student loan or mortgage at an exchange rate of 100 points per $1.

5. Shop at Amazon

It’s time for you to read “Fifty Shades of Gray” before it comes alive in cinemas. With your points, you can now shop at Amazon.com and get your digital /e-book copy of your favorite books and download them on your Kindle for your reading pleasure. That’s not all. You can also shop for toys and electronic gadgets on Amazon with your Thank You points.

6. Gift Cards

Getting someone a gift can be difficult if you don’t know what the person likes. You can now redeem your Thank you points into gift cards. The gift cards can be used at merchants like Best Buy, Starbucks, Home Depot, Macy’s, The Gap, and many more. These gift certificates can be obtained via online or mail.

7. Merchandise

You can also enjoy shopping for items like jewelry, men and women’s accessories, toys, home equipments, even gadgets at the Citicard online shop. Once you accumulate the required number of points, you can get that new home theater system you have been eyeing for quite some time now.

8. Cash

Are you on a tight budget? You can redeem your Thank You points to cash. The cash conversion ratio is $50 for every 8,000 points. Redemption of cash is in the form of a check in $50 or $100 denominations.

9. Fine Dining

Surprise your special someone with a candle light dinner for two at a restaurant of your choice. By using your Citi Thank You Preferred card, it allows you to impress your date with a fine dining experience using your Thank You points.

10. Amusement Parks

Citi Card’s Thank You Points allow you to enjoy a fun day at an amusement park with your family and friends. You can watch the live animal shows, ride the carousel, or scream from the top of a roller coaster in your favorite amusement park.

How often can you redeem your points?

You can redeem them as often as you like if you have enough available points in your account. Basically, with the Citibank rewards program, it allows you to make the most of your hard earned money through the points given every time you use their credit cards. The more you shop, the more you earn.

Have you redeemed your Thank you points lately? 



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