The Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Buy Cheap Air Conditioners: Living Thrifty instead of Big

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Making an effort to change how you spend money is very hard. Television often teaches a message that is wrong, and shows you that blatant consumerism is the only way to go. Between all the new gear that comes out every six months, to newer and pricier foodstuffs that don’t really fill your belly, there’s no real breathing room to consider just how much you should actually spend. This is why living thrifty becomes such a good option for those living on a shoestring budget. So before you think about splurging again, why not consider buying used stuff like cheap air conditioners? There are a lot of benefits to it after all.

10. Antiques are often cheap

10. Antiques are often cheap

The best part about antiquing is probably the history that you get out of these little used items. The second best part is that you are able to get old gear at much cheaper prices than buying new ones. That’s right, there are a lot of antiques out there that don’t go for a lot. Of course, searching fore these deals is the challenge, but it’s a fun challenge that can take you places.

9. Shopping for used teaches you about deals

9.Shopping for used teaches you about deals

If there’s one thing that you should learn in order to survive in this financially unstable time, it’s learning how to spot the best deals from the ripoffs. You see, when you buy used, you teeter on a very thin line between stuff that are good but are unused, and downright unserviceable pieces of garbage. At first, you will end up buying a lot of the crap, but in the long run, you gain the know how to spot the fakes.

8. Used stuff does not equate to old stuff

8.Used stuff does not equate to old stuff

These are probably one of the harder kinds of deals to find because they go very fast and very frantically. However, if you’re fast enough to sink your teeth into one of these deals, then you end up with some relatively unused gear. The simplest way to go about this tip is to search online for new, but used equipment. Try it out now on a Smart Phone you’d like to have, and find out if there are any deals out there for you.

7. Thrifty shopping opens up new places

7.Thrifty shopping opens up new places

Another fun feature that thrifty shopping brings to your life is how it opens up many more places for you to explore. The thrift shop you ignore down the street, the flea market you never visit, or those hundreds of garage sales you never check out, all of these places become your shopping centers, and it can lead to a lot of new experiences.

6. Thrifty living is back in style

6.Thrifty living is back in style

Have you ever heard the song “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore? Well, watching that really makes you feel awesome about going cheap on a lot of gear. You see, the song is mostly about consumerism and how it is very unnecessary. He’s also starting a sort of revolution that will probably catch on in the next few years, so why not join the craze?

5. You learn about what you need

5.You learn about what you need

Simply put; thrifty living enables you to take stock in what you have and what you need. Your wants become secondary and everything you buy become the complete necessity in your life. This benefit will eventually work best with the very first one.

4. It teaches you to be proactive

4.It teaches you to be proactive

There’s no such thing as a predetermined fate. This means you don’t have to stay poor for the rest of your life. When you take charge of what you spend, you start bringing back power into your own hands.

3. Living frugally will benefit you in the long run

3.Living frugally will benefit you in the long run

Some people think that living healthily and happily requires a huge back account. That simply isn’t the case, and it surely won’t be the case for you either. There are tons of ways to live better while being prudish about your money; it’s just a matter of finding the right places to shop, to workout, and to live in general.

2. The more other people have, the more determined you should be

2.The more other people have, the more determined you should be

There’s nothing at all wrong with being jealous of your friends and family. If they have things that you don’t, it’s easy to start dragging yourself down to a point where you feel that your efforts mean nothing. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, why not work harder to get to their point in life? Use it as fuel to inspire yourself to work harder.

1. Thrifty living is planning for the future

1. Thrifty living is planning for the future

When you think about pinching pennies, sometimes you might get the image of a really shabby looking person trying to scrounge around for the best deals. It’s either that, or you Scrooge McDuck trying to keep his nephews away from his riches. The reality here is that when you start saving cash now, the better the luxuries you will have in the future. Those vacations you neglected will then be affordable and that goes the same for a lot of other things you might want now.


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