The Top Ten Ways to Replicate the Effects of a Free Gas Card to Help Alleviate Stress

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Though the American economy is slowly back on the rise, there are still a lot of problems that plague society. Often, the recession that recently struck the United States of America is compared to the great depression, and unfortunately that isn’t far off. Jobs are still scarce and income is hard to maintain in these trying times. At the same time, graduates are still plagued by the inability to find decent paying jobs, which they originally intended on applying for. This economic crisis can be attributed to a lot of things, which makes the need for a free gas card all the more prevalent.

10. Advertising10. Advertising

While you consider your car to be your baby, you should also consider just how much you’re spending on gas. The costs are not going down any time soon, and at a few dollars a gallon, a little help might get you through the week. Allowing various companies to post up adverts on your car is a means to get points for cash. While it may be tempting to use this opportunity to make money, remember that the adverts might only be enough for gas anyway, especially if you drive a car that doesn’t get a decent mileage.

9. Use your credit card points for gas cards9. Use your credit card points for gas cards

Do you have a decent credit rating? Maybe you’re on good terms with your credit card company, often paying off debts at the right time. If so, then you might have garnered a few points for your troubles, and if you don’t know much about how to use these points, why not convert them into gas cards? In order to do this, just drive on over to the main branch of your bank and inquire about how you can do this. They should be able to answer most of the questions you need answered.

8. Check out promos by certain companies8. Check out promos by certain companies

Companies aren’t always the giant monoliths that most people make them out to be. While they probably won’t give out free gas just like that, they do provide promos that will surely be beneficial on your part. For example, certain shopping centers provide gas cards when you purchase a certain amount of products. These cards may only range from 10 to 20 dollars, but still, that is basically getting some of your cash back, so keep an eye out for those promos.

7. Check out surveys7. Check out surveys

Once again, a lot of companies often offer different means to alleviate the stress of paying for gas. Once in a while, they also offer surveys that are rewarded through gas cards, among other forms of cash aid. If you want to participate in these kinds of promos just look around online and around your city and make sure to ask whether or not they pay you afterwards.

6. Clean up your car6. Clean up your car

While gas cards are great, they can only do so much in the case that your car isn’t very fuel efficient. Barring the chance that you bought a car, which hogs too much fuel, then maybe your car just isn’t clean enough. The oil in the engine, when incorrectly measured, might contribute to the inefficiency of your car. You can also look up the different ways you can maintain your vehicle by cleaning it. To do this, open up your user manual and check out the different ways you can tune up your car.

5. Have your car checked up5. Have your car checked up

Every once in a while, certain parts of your vehicle might give up faster than the other parts; the gas cap may break or leak, your oxygen meter might be worn out, or maybe the air in your wheels might be leaking. These can all play big roles in wasting gas, and while it won’t waste a lot, the small percentages can add up. If, by chance, you know how to check all these on your own, then by all means do so because check-ups can cost you a pretty penny.

4. Apply for an actual gas grant4. Apply for an actual gas grant

There’s nothing to be embarrassed about when it comes to applying to grants. However, you have to understand that these grants are only available to those living in the very low income bracket. If you or your family is only able to generate $30,000 in total income, then you are very eligible for this grant. You’ll also have to be of legal age (18 years old), a legal resident of the United States, own an automotive vehicle, and that said automotive vehicle must also be insured. These different criteria enable you to apply for your gas card grant. Rules and guidelines might differ from state to state, so make sure to ask your local government for help.

3. Check out the numerous offers online3. Check out the numerous offers online

While the Internet isn’t known for reality in terms of offers, it still remains as a great hub for information. In these trying times, you can start checking different websites that may offer you freebies or coupons off groceries and even gas. The best way to go about this is to check out the different official company websites online as the actual offers are posted on there. If that proves unsuccessful, start looking around within your locality through their social network profiles.

2. Unburden your car2. Unburden your car

Your car is your own property, which is probably why you might get tempted to stuff it full of heavy crap. You might also be subject to the weight of bike racks and other doodads that go on the external part of your car. Having a lighter and more aerodynamic car is key to eating up less gas, and it can be done in the span of 15 minutes.

1. Drive efficientlyEco-friendly car

So you’ve managed to make the most of your vehicle through cleaning, lightening the weight, and all in all, making sure that it is in tip-top shape. Well, in all honesty, that won’t mean much if you don’t take the effort to drive efficiently. Avoiding traffic like the plague is an obvious means to save on gas, and at the same time, parking instead of using your car to the maximum capacity will also help you avoid unwanted consumption.


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