Top 10 Cheap Cars with Good Gas Mileage That Can Get You where You’re Going


Cars have come a long way from gas guzzling monsters. Although a lot of people still love the classics, or the cars they pump out every so often to dazzle the average driver, those cars are both way out of a sane budget and eat still a lot of gas. So the question with the choice in cars sort of remains the same, what are the best cheap cars with good gas mileage? While there are a ton of choices you can check out, you also have to be fully aware that the prices mentioned below apply to the brand new cars. You can still save a bit of money by opting for a used version of the cars in the list.

10. Hyundai Accent10. Hyundai Accent

At a retail cost of around $13,000, this model in the Hyundai lineup is sure to impress those that really need to stave off the costs of gas. It has a 6 speed transmission and boasts a 1.6L cylinder engine that delivers a speedy yet cost efficient ride around the roads and highways of your city. It burns about 30 to 40 miles per gallon, so you know a full tank of gas can get you places.

9. Chevrolet Sonic9. Chevrolet Sonic

Another green car to hit the streets of America, the Sonic is not too dissimilar from the Accent. As the car is a sedan, it has similar features to the previous cars, and boasts almost the same mileage and speed. The limitations to this car are that it only has a 1.4L cylinder engine and a 5 speed manual transmission. It also retails at around $14,000, so a brand new model might rip a hole in your bank account.

8. Scion IQ8. Scion IQ

If you think that sedans aren’t exactly the cars you want, then maybe the minis might appeal to you a little more. The Scion boasts the same look as most minis do, with the advantage that it has a 4 cylinder 1.4L engine with a frame that allows it to zoom around streets and cities with relative ease. It’s also a two seat vehicle with enough space in the trunk to allow for some long road trips.

7. 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid7. 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid

The Honda Civic series has basically been idealized by tons of movies that feature tricked out versions of the car. Of course, the little beast is guaranteed to get some miles between you and your destination, but the little know hybrid version boasts all the same stuff the civic has with much better mileage and gas consumption.

6. KIA Soul6. KIA Soul

Yet another unique entry onto this list, the Soul is a compact wagon with a green ethic to driving around in cities. Depending on where you drive the thing, you can get a solid 27 to 35 miles per gallon, and that that does not shift when using this wagon to lift heavy stuff around. It’s also got a pretty good look to it, so you might want to take a sneak peak at the Soul. It retails at around $14,000, which is a sound price for a 6 speed wagon.

5. Mazda25. Mazda2

Mazda garnered a bit of a reputation when it comes to the vehicles it produces and that’s because they are also used in a wide variety of race movies. The Mazda2 chooses to take a different direction with the cars because it is a mini 4 door hatchback that gets a ton of miles per gallon. The extra trunk space is also a welcome change to the hatchback categories, as it will make travel a lot more fun for those that like to go on adventures. For around $14,350, this 1.5L 4 cylinder car can be yours.

4. 2009 Volkswagen Jetta TDI4. 2009 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

That’s right, the Volkswagen model to make this list isn’t the bug, and instead the feature sedan that the company put out takes a slot on this list. While it does go for the steep price of $22,640, the car features both automatic and manual transmissions, and each basically gets the same mileage. The Jetta also gets a decent price of $2,000 on fuel per year, so driving this beast around is going to be a hell of a lot better for your pocket.

3. Toyota Prius3. Toyota Prius

There’s no way a list of green cars can be made without a single mention of the Prius. This car is basically the face of hybrid cars and is instantly recognizable because of the movie “The Other Guys.” At the same time, it also gets a grand amount of miles for a sedan, is fast, and very friendly to your wallet and the eco-system.

2. Chevrolet Cruze2. Chevrolet Cruze

Sedans seem to be the number one choice for cars that have great mileage and are eco friendly, so with that in mind, it’s amazing that another model from Chevrolet makes the list. The Cruze is a compact sedan and averages around 26 to 38 miles per gallon on a 1.4L 4 Cylinder engine.

1. The Pontiac G52008 Pontiac G5 GT

Pontiac has been in and out of the car market place lately, but with this model they’ve really made quite a bit of a splash. Boasting a 2.2L 4-cylinder engine along with a mean top speed, this car is the top of the line when it comes to green rides. It’s also got a ton of features for the discerning driver with a lot of tech to connect. Lastly, it also comes in at a price of $16,400 dollars with an annual gas consumption bill of about $1,965.


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