Top 10 Cool and Fun Ways To Make Money That are Not Stressful

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There are fun ways to make money that you can do part-time or full time. A job does not always have to be stressful, tiring or boring. It is possible to find something that would make you earn while having a great time. Find a job that interests you. Work will be fun if you love what you are doing.

As mentioned, this can be a part time job. So if you have a full time job that you do not wish to give up, that is completely fine. As long as you learn how to budget your time, you will be able to pull manage this. Furthermore, since it’s something fun to do, you may not even realize that you are actually working on an extra job.

10. Sing on Special Occasions or Events

Sing on Special Occasions or Events If you have the voice and you love singing, you don’t have to keep your talent to yourself. Show everyone what you got and earn from something that you enjoy doing. Sing on weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or parties. Most special events would require a good singer for entertainment. You may start giving your service to people you know. Ask your friends if they have an event or know someone hosting an event in which you can perform. If guests are happy with your performance, they may recommend you to their friends. Word of mouth advertisements are the best so make sure you perform your best.

9. Sell Hair

Sell Hair

Changing your hairstyle is something fun. If you are the type who always want to sport a new hairdo, you can make money from it. There are salons and hair companies that buy hair. So if you decide to trade your long locks to a cute pixie cut find a salon or company that would pay for your hair. This may not be something that you can always do since hair usually takes months to grow longer. However, it’s good to earn cash when it’s time to cut your hair.

8. Sell Photos

Sell Photos

There are stock photo sites online where you can post your photos and earn cash. You don’t even have to be a professional photographer to do this. If you love taking photos and you think that they are good enough to be used by other people, you may upload them on these sites. When someone copies or downloads your photos, they will be asked to pay for it. Instead of just uploading your sites for free, take advantage of the said sites to earn extra cash.

7. Walk a Dog


If you love dogs and you are always walking your pet outside, why not ask your neighbors if they want to have their dogs to be walked for a fee. Not all pet owners have time for this so they would be happy to pay you for their dogs to have fun. Your dog will also enjoy it as it will be able to play with other dogs.

6. Customize Products

Customize Products

If you love designing items, making customized products will be enjoyable. A lot of people consider personalized items as great gifts because they are made especially for the receiver. Turn your interest and skills into a business by offering customized products. There are cheap equipments that you can purchase to start this service. The amount that you will spend for the tools will go back to you in a short period.

5. Bake


Baking is always fun. If you are the type of person that spends her free time baking cupcakes or cookies in the kitchen, you can earn some good cash from this. Start selling your products to your friends and neighbors. You may also join a fund raising event. You will not only be able to contribute to the cause of the program, but it is also a good way of advertising your products.

4. Write Articles


Are you into writing? If this is something that you love to do, then you can write articles for companies online. There are several businesses that hire article writers to write about various niches for SEO purposes. Make good amount using your writing skills.

3. E-Book Cover Design


A lot of writers release E-books, which need good covers. Like a hard copy, an e-book also needs to have an interesting and appealing cover. This is the first thing that people will see. This is why it’s important that it should be designed properly. If you have skills in designing, look for writers or companies hiring an e-book designer. Create designs that you can show as samples as most clients would ask for one. Make sure to send your best sample to have a bigger chance of being hired.

2. Teach Swimming

Teach Swimming

If you like spending your time at the beach or on swimming pools, you can make money while having fun doing what you love. Offer swimming lessons to kids. Just make sure that you accept a specific number of clients that you can handle. If this is your first time to do this, it’s best to start with one child. This is to ensure that you can put your focus on him. Once you get used to it, you can gradually increase the number of clients to teach. But it is still important to keep it manageable to prevent unwanted accidents.

1. Earn through Social Networking

Earn through Social Networking

Social networking is something that a lot of people enjoy doing. This makes it easier to keep in touch with friends and loved ones, make new friends, as well as connect with others that has the same interest. If you are one of the millions of people that login everyday to their social networking accounts, why not make money out of it? There are social networking sites on the Internet that pay cash to active members. Sign up at those sites and do the activities that you usually do like posting status, uploading photos and adding comments.

These fun ways to make money will add some cash to your pocket. Some of them may pay a little and some a lot. But the most important thing is that you are having fun while earning.



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