Top 10 Ideas on the Best Ways to Invest Money which Guarantees Good ROI

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Investing is a legitimate and time-tested manner of doubling or even tripling your hard-earned money. Advice on the best ways to invest money is not at all lacking. You can solicit advice from casual conversations, formal consultation with financial advisers, and a few minutes’ online browsing will reveal a wealth of information for the first-time investor as well. If you are willing to take risks while making smart decisions, here are a number of suggestions on how to go about reaching your financial goal. And after reading through, make sure you talk with someone who has already invested and eventually succeeded in the endeavor. If you have the means to invest and the will power to see it through, then you’re future is looking bright indeed.

10. Start a small business

10 Start a small business

One of the most common methods of doubling your money is to invest it in a small business. But you must realize that you can either gain much or lose everything by risking it and there is nothing more risky than putting up a business, no matter what the size. Our advice is that you determine your strengths and sit down with people whom you trust and brainstorm possibilities. Once you have decided on the type of business that you want to put up, you can ask for help in putting together a business plan. If you do not have that much money to invest in the first place but have enough for a small café or shop, then this is the most promising option for you.

9. Go for Dividend Reinvestment Plans/Drips

9 Go for Dividend Reinvestment Plans-Drips

If you have very little money set aside and just want to risk whether it could grow or not, then you can forget about putting up a small business, get a few hundred from your stash and buy Drips. Dividend Reinvestment Plans allow you to purchase stocks from the companies themselves. You won’t be needing the services of an agent or a broker for this. There are many companies that provide plans such as this and they do not require fees so that even less than a hundred dollars initial investment would do. You can build up on this slowly but surely, investing a few more every month and one day you’ll find a huge stash waiting for you.

8. Life Insurance

8 Life Insurance

There are life insurance policies which provide policyholders payments even while he is alive. And even if you will just invest on a typical insurance policy, putting your money on premiums is a form of investing for the future. You may not necessarily be the one to reap the rewards, but you are providing for your loved ones.

7. Foreign exchange

7 Foreign exchange
Beginners are not advised to engage in foreign exchange or FOREX as a form of investment because it is the most risky. Without a good understanding of how currencies work, you might find yourself at a loss, and losing money as well. However, if you are intent on investing on FOREX, then you would need to do your homework. Study in detail the patterns by which currencies rise and fall and once you’ve got a handle on it, then go for it!

6. Commodities

6 Commodities

Investing in commodities or simply raw materials is another option that you can choose in order to increase your stash. There are many different types of commodities to invest on. There’s cotton and cattle. And there’s gold and silver. There’s also diamonds, if you have the means. Your investment and the returns that you can expect would depend on the market value of the commodities you prefer to invest in.

5. Mutual funds

5 Mutual funds

Let’s say you have money to invest. You can invest it wisely on mutual funds at the risk of possibly low returns given taxes and certain fees. But they can be rewarding and if you are successful you can definitely count on your investment to see you through retirement. Better arm yourself with a mutual funds calculator so you know what you’re getting yourself into.

4. Real estate

4 Real estate

Perhaps after small businesses, real estate is the next most popular choice of investment these days. And like they say in the real estate industry, it’s all about location, location, location. If you will invest in real estate, be picky. You have to think at the outset that you’d eventually sell the property again for a profit and so you have to choose wisely. Eventually, you can improve on the place and sell it for huge returns.

3. Precious metals

3 Precious metals

Investing in gold bullion has a huge advantage. There is an increase in the value of gold and other precious metals when other investments drop. There are no immediate returns, but if you do not require that at present, you are in for a huge return of investment when the right time comes.

2. Bonds

2 Bonds

Many investors feel safe with bonds. When you invest in bonds, you double your money and you don’t take very high risks. One of the popular choices today is zero-coupon bonds that grow toward maturity without the need to reinvest interest payments. And you don’t need to fear having a heart attack whenever the interest rates waver a bit. When you buy zero-coupon bonds, you get it at a discounted amount at let’s say half its worth at maturity.

1. Stocks

1 Stocks

Despite the up and downs, or probably because of the excitement of it, people are still drawn to stocks when they are ready to invest their money and nurture its growth. How much money to invest in stocks is very relative to a person’s financial capabilities. And make sure you understand the basics of how the stock market works so that you can monitor your stocks by yourself. You also have to choose well when it comes to dealing with brokers and agents. Here’s a tip. If you are really intent on investing on stocks, take a course first. In that way, you’ll definitely get a good grasp of what you’ll be getting into.


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