Top 10 Jobs That Pay Well if You Work Hard Enough, of Course

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People work not for the fun of it. They study hard and then look for a job that would allow them to earn enough to get a house in the future for their family and buy things that would make them happy. Landing your dream job and having a salary that meets your expectations are what working professionals expect for all the hard work that they do. There are many jobs that pay well but getting them is matter of hard work and perseverance. Don’t expect to have a high paying job by just slacking off and doing nothing. If you want to earn a lot, you have to work hard and give everything your all. How about applying for any of the following positions?

10. Sales Manager

10 Sales Manager

One of the best paying jobs is being a sales manager. You will be in-charge of ensuring that the company is reaching its target sales quota; all the better of you keep exceeding them. The work is very demanding and requires a lot of time that you have to crunch the numbers even after working hours. The best thing about a sales manager is the extra pay when incentives are being given. If your performance is good, expect an added bonus.

9. Airline Pilot

9 Airline Pilot

Pilots are one of the highest earners out there and I guess we all know why. Not everyone has the heart and stomach to take on such a huge responsibility. The safety of the passengers and the crew are on the pilots’ hands. One serious mistake while up in the air could make all the difference between life and death. Choosing to be a pilot as a profession would not only give you the opportunity to travel on different places but would also make you financially secure. And you’d be looked up to and respected (and thought cool and awesome.)

8. Computer and I.T. Manager

8 Computer and I.T. Manager

Computer services have evolved dramatically in the past few decades. Almost everything in this world nowadays is run by computer systems. Connected straight to computer advancements are those who know how to properly make and use the said systems. This is where I.T managers come into play. They are tasked to manage a group of people to handle certain programs and systems that are used in various services for day to day activities. I.T managers are very important in our current way of life and that’s why they are considered to be one of the most highly paying jobs today.

7. Engineer

7 Engineer

Without engineers the world would be flat and boring. They are the ones responsible for erecting bridges, skyscrapers, modern equipment as well as machinery that provide us food, shelter and everything we need to live. It is a well paying job since the amount of time and effort placed into a project by an engineer should be undivided and they ought to be well-compensated or they can offer their services to the competition. Though perfection does not really apply to everything in this world, to engineers it is their motto. Everything should be calculated and devised with intense precision since any structural slip could be fatal.

6. Lawyer

6 Lawyer

It is a given fact that lawyers are usually high earners (well, except for those who work for welfare organizations who don’t get much in the way of a salary). This would however depend on his popularity and reputation. If a lawyer is known to be good at the job then we can expect him or her to be richer than most of us.

5. Dentist

5 Dentist

Taking up dentistry is like any other medical course that requires years of study and training to master the craft. This might be the reason why dental fees are high. Dentists put a lot of money in learning dentistry. It is a well paying job if you’re good at it. People tend to be loyal to their dentist and if you manage to quell their fears of the dental chair you will have a lot of patients and consequently a good income. You’d need to earn a lot anyway because maintaining a dental clinic (and assistants) is also expensive since the materials and equipment needed is costly.

4. Psychiatrist

4 Psychiatrist

The human brain has been studied and explored to better understand how it works and what is needed in case it breaks. And it breaks often enough. A psychiatrist is a specialized doctor or medicine. Mental breakdowns as well as depressions are some of the common diagnosis these professionals deal with and only trained professionals in their respective field can handle these patients and see them through their condition.

3. Chief Executive

3 Chief Executive

It may be hard to believe that Chief Executives only ranked 3rd in this list of well paying jobs but you’ll have to wait and see what the other two are, okay? A Chief Executive is the highest ranking officer in a company in which all the decision and orders come from. They are well trained to handle their people as well as clients and partners in which they engage in business. When you run a company and you are the boss, it is given that you have a job that pays very well so don’t think to deny it.

2. Anesthesiologist

2 Anesthesiologist

You may be wondering how becoming an anesthesiologist is a considered as a well paying job. It looks simple what anesthesiologists do but it is not. Long hours of training and studying are needed to be a qualified to put a person to sleep. They have to know the precise amount of dose to be given just to make sure that no complications will happen to the patient, and that is just the simplest explanation to what they do.

1. Surgeon

1 Surgeon

Surgeons save people and can extend lives with the intervention that they provide. This may be the reason why surgeons are the most highly paid professionals in the world. If you have steady hands and the IQ required, this career path will be your ticket to respect and fortune. And you’ll be saving hundreds of lives, too.


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