Top 10 Wonderful Gifts for Wife That Guarantee a Long and Happy Married Life

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Giving tokens and gifts to your wife is just a way of showing how much you appreciate having her in your life. Special occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays are just some of the instances in which you give her something to show your love and appreciation but it does not necessarily mean that giving a gift needs to be on some important day or event. You can give gifts for wife even on ordinary days just to make her smile and let her feel that she is an important part of your life.

10. Give her jewelry

10 Give her jewelry

Diamonds (and other precious stones) are said to be a woman’s best friend. Giving your wife something that is elegant and timeless might make her think you did something awful, but that should not be always the case. Make sure she understands that you are giving her something as timeless and elegant as her. Surprising her with something glamorous and telling her that you just want to make her happy and smile would certainly make her day. No woman can stand a man’s charm when accompanied by sparkly expensive stones. Well, at least that’s what we’re counting on.

9. Set a surprise dinner date

9 Set a surprise dinner date

Arranging a surprise dinner date at a luxurious hotel, or in a place where you first had a date, or in any romantic spot is one of the best gifts you can give to your wife on a special occasion or on just any ordinary day that you want to make her feel special. This would make her think that you are exerting extra effort to make her happy and that you are still the sweet and gentle man whom she had fallen in love with.

8. Get her a gift certificate on a spa

8 Get her a gift certificate on a spa

A gift certificate might just be the thing your wife needs for a day of rest and relaxation in a spa. You wife will surely appreciate this kind of gift particularly if she has no more time taking care of herself due to chores at home or a hectic work schedule. Going to the spa will make her feel rejuvenated and charged with the energy to perform her daily activities. A simple gesture such as this will surely make her happy.

7. Give her a bouquet of her favorite flowers

7 Give her a bouquet of her favorite flowers

A bouquet of flowers never loses its charm particularly if it is her favorite kind. Giving flowers to a girl never gets old even if it’s already the 21st century. Something about flowers make a girl’s weak in the knees. Giving flowers to your wife will surely make her want to hug you instantly and who knows where that could lead? Such a simple gesture of love goes a long way.

6. Purchase the latest mobile phone that she wants

6 Purchase the latest mobile phone that she wants

Mobile phones nowadays are becoming a necessity rather than a luxury item. It only becomes a luxury if the phone’s value is way too much than its use. Some wives are really into having the latest gadgets out in the market. Giving her the latest mobile phone she wants would be a nice gift, and it doesn’t have to be her birthday.

5. Buy her a gorgeous dress

5 Buy her a gorgeous dress

Getting a dress for your wife can be rather complicated. What do guys know about dresses? Expert advice must be considered particularly if you don’t have any idea how to choose the perfect dress. Knowing the right size and the colors your wife prefers are necessary in this exercise. You wouldn’t want your wife to wear the dress just once just to please you (or not wear it at all!). It should also complement her body structure as well as her skin complexion so that she looks gorgeous when she wears it.

4. Write poetry

4 Write poetry

You heard it right –poetry. It does not necessarily mean writing in the likes of Shakespeare. Simple words that come from the heart would suffice. Always put into perspective that you have to write what your heart tells you. It is just a matter of interpreting the feeling and letting it all out. Poetry is something than any man in-love can do. It does not matter if it is long or short, what matters is that it came to you and you made a really hard effort to accomplish it.

3. Take her to a concert

3 Take her to a concert

If you know her type of music then you’d better search the Internet now and look for the next concert of her favorite band or artist. Taking her on a surprise trip not knowing that you have gotten tickets for a concert of a band or artist that she’s admired and followed for years will make her flip. It is very romantic and at the same time very thoughtful.

2. Bake a cake

2 Bake a cake

Making something for her on your own will take the word “effort” to a whole new level. Every wife loves to receive something made by their husbands even if it does not taste like it is supposed to. Creating homemade chocolates are very easy and if you really don’t have any idea on how to make it, better consult the Internet or a friend who knows simple baking techniques. It does not take a chemist to make such a simple treat. The real deal here is your effort in going through the learning curve just to make your wife a gift that you have made on your own.

1. Give her a long vacation

1 Give her a long vacation

Probably, the most wonderful gift you could ever give your wife is to go with her on a vacation, making it clear that the vacation itself is incidental and the gift is “you.” Giving her your undivided time and your attention cannot be matched by any other material things. You are the sole gift that would make her truly happy.

Gifts are simply ways to let your partner know how important they are to you. It can be very simple or it may be real grand or expensive. What is important is that it carries with it the thoughtfulness and the effort you’ve exerted just to put a smile on her face.


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