Top 10 Resume Words to Use that Every Would Be Successful Applicant Should Know

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Job hunting can be a rewarding experience, especially for those who know how to sell themselves through their resumes. Resumes aren’t something you should just type out without giving any thought to it. Your resume, how it appears and how it’s worded, can actually make or break your job application. Before getting your resume out there, make sure you have included these top resume words to use in it. Then and only then can you feel confident that you’re going to land an interview and bag your first ever or your next and final job.

The key to making your resume marketable to your next possible employer is to make use of resume power words. The phrase itself defines its meaning. These power words are made up of action verbs that tell the reader what you have done and what you are able to do for the company. They are also composed of nouns. Contrary to what many believe, employers also actually look at where you’ve worked and what positions you’ve held as a professional or as an intern.

10. Execute10 Execute

This is a great word to include in your resume. This speaks of your managing skills without actually making use of the word “manage” that has become all too common and something that employers will just pass over. Reading a work like execute from your resume will take hold of your employer’s attention and make them highly consider you for such enabling jobs.

9. Pull together9 Pull together

While it’s always important for an employer to choose an employee that’s a team player, using the phrase has become too common. Many applicants use it nonchalantly without thinking of the employer expectations that come with it. Using the words “pull together” makes your employer think of the capabilities you possess as a team player and a possible leader.

8. Carry Out8 Carry Out

Performance-oriented employees are always rewarding for an employer. However, if you only plainly state the word “perform” in your resume, this can be too boring and all too commonly used. What have you actually performed and are you able to do it within the scope of the job position you’re applying for? When you use the words “carry out” you are telling your future boss in simple terms that whatever objective there is to achieve, you can do so.

7. Oversee7 Oversee

Employers are always on the hunt for leaders. Leaders are made; they are not born. It takes experience with people, perseverance, patience, and the right attitude with people to pull it off. Rather than stating what your duties included in your former job, you can simply state the word “oversee” instead. It’s a word not commonly used by many common resume makers out there and one that you should definitely include in yours. This word speaks loudly of your capability to lead even in chaos.

6. Create6 Create

To have a creative mind is one asset an employer will always go for. Make sure you choose to include this in your resume. Rather than stating the word “develop” liven your resume up by using the word “create” instead. Have you created an atmosphere where your peers can work comfortably and in harmony? Have you created a concept that once put into action became a bankable principle for your company?

5. In Charge Of5 In Charge Of

It’s not a word, but is a power phrase that works just the same. Make your employer want to hire you immediately or begin to schedule you in the soonest interview slot that is available. When you state the words “in charge of” in your resume, you are claiming full responsibility for the tasks set before you. Accountability is something that any employer wouldn’t pass up in a possible employee.

4. Transcended4 Transcended

This is a big word but one that holds many meanings and implications that a future employer will find useful for him and his company. When you use the word transcended, it means you have surpassed expectations set, you have overcome challenges in the workplace, and you have become an employee that an employer wouldn’t want to let go of.

3. Defined3 Defined

This is a powerful word that your employer would automatically zoom on. This implies that you have put together key principles, values, concepts, and what more you have done for the good of the company. This is one skill that every employer prizes in his employees. Using this word will likely land you a job not just in the lower levels but in the executive offices as well.

2. Received2 Received

This is an unlikely choice for the resumes of some but is one word that is considered a power word in the world of resume making. Using this word speaks of your respectable submission to the authorities before you as well as taking humility over pride. No boss wants an employee who will lord his position over the others in the workplace, let alone the company big man. Use this word and see your boss’ perception of you change to that of respect.

1. Committed1 Committed

This is one word that shouldn’t be missed out on any resume. No matter how skilled or awarded you are, if you are not committed to the job you’re applying to and all the responsibilities it entails, you are not and can never be considered an asset for a company. When you use this word, make sure you are able to carry it out and have evidence of it in your student life or your past employment.


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