10 Simple Make Money Ideas to Help You Earn Cash on Your Free Time

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Sometimes, the salary that you get from your regular job is not enough to meet all your needs. If this is the case, there are several things that you can do to make extra income without leaving your day job. These make money ideas are also applicable for those who want to save money for something they wish to purchase or for those who want to be productive on their free time.

You may be surprised that one of your hobbies or interests can actually earn you some cash. Doing something that you love to do on your free time and earning at the same time would be fantastic. Even if the job is not related to your interest, there are those that are easy enough for you to do and still earn you good money.

10. Mystery Shopper

Mystery Shopper

Shopping can be fun, especially for women. Window shopping alone can also be a good stress reliever to other people. If you love hitting shops and malls during your free time, you can actually earn from this by becoming a mystery shopper. The average rate for this job is $10 to $20 per shop you visit. As a mystery shopper you will be asked to go to restaurants, boutiques or shops to observe and determine if the specific company follows their own regulations. This job can be offered by a research company hired by a business or the business itself. This can help them in ensuring the quality of their service, as well as determine rooms for improvement.

9. Rent Out Parking Space

Rent Out Parking Space

You can take advantage of the huge space in front of your house or your garage by renting it out. This is perfect if your place is near a sporting event or party venues. Most people would have trouble on parking spaces for these events. If you do not use your garage or you have extra space for one or more vehicles, you can earn $1 to $2 per hour for the parking space rental. This may not be that big, but the small amount could add up in the long run.

8. Rent Out a Room


This is one of the make money ideas that can give you good extra income but needs careful consideration. Depending on the size of the room and amenities like cable and Internet connection, you can earn $400 and up by renting out a room in your house. Since you will be sharing the house with the occupant, your privacy may be affected. Furthermore, make sure to do a background check to ensure that you are not letting just anyone into your home. Rules and regulations must also be set to maintain order.

7. Online Researcher

Online Researcher

There are several companies looking for online researchers that can work from their homes. If you have a computer and Internet connection, you can find a part time job as an online researcher and get paid $10 or more per hour. If you love browsing the web, you can make use of your Internet skills to earn extra income. Most of these jobs have flexible time. You can do the research on the time that is convenient for you as long as you complete it on the due date.

6. Part Time Writer or Blogger

Part Time Writer or Blogger

If you love writing or you are maintaining your own blog for fun, you can turn this hobby into a good income by becoming an article or blog writer. You can find several posting online for these positions. A lot of online marketers and companies hire people to write articles and blogs for them because they are too busy to do it on their own. You can do this on your free time so it does not have to affect your day job. You will usually be paid per article or blog entry that you complete.

5. Tutor


If you are really good in one subject or you have a degree in education, you can work as a part time tutor. You can do this online or you may do the tutoring in person, especially if the client lives around your place. You can earn around $400 per month for this job.

4. Stage Houses

Stage Houses

No, you don’t have to be a professional interior designer to do this job. If you love designing your own place, your skills and hobby can earn you up to $500 for staging a home. You will be responsible for decorating an empty house to make it look inviting to clients. Companies that sell homes like realtors and banks hire people for this job.

3. Become a Nanny

Become a Nanny

If you love spending time with kids and you wish to earn extra money, you can hit two birds in one stone by becoming a part time nanny. Earn $175 per week or up by offering this service to neighbors or friends with kids. Since both parents are working on most households today, they would be happy to find someone that they could entrust their little ones while they are at work, taking a rest or doing other chores.

2. Garage Sale


There may be old items that you no longer use at home like clothes, furniture, accessories and appliance. You can select the things to include on the garage sale each day after going home from work. Once ready, you can then schedule the sale on your day off. You may also ask a friend to come over and help you in selling. This will not only earn you good cash, but it can also help free up space in your home from things that you do not use.

1. Sell Home Made Food Products

Sell Home Made Food Products

If you have a talent in baking or cooking, you can turn this into a profitable business without giving up your day job. Take orders from neighbors, officemates, relatives and friends and make them on your free time. If you want a bigger market and you think you can handle delivery, you may also advertise your products online. Cakes, brownies, cookies and jams are some of the food items that you may want to consider.

With all the great make money ideas around, you can earn cash on top of the salary you get from your regular job. If you really want, you can use your free time in a more productive way.


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