Top 10 Tips on How to Become an Extreme Couponer: Saving on Groceries

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Extreme couponing is becoming a huge thing, and a lot of people consider the act a great hobby. However, the core idea behind this little hobby is that you want to make the most out of your shopping experience without spending a huge amount. There are tons of people that want to do this and a lot of them have achieved this through meticulous hard work. In fact, there are no requirements or impositions that can stop any ordinary person from becoming an extreme couponer. So here is how to become an extreme couponer.

10. Thinking about the stockpile

10.Thinking about the stockpile

Creating a huge stockpile of grocery items is really hard. You see, once you make this a hobby, and you do it for the fun, you’ll find yourself running out of space in your home faster than you think. So instead of rushing out there and just buying out everything you possibly can, think about what sort of stockpile you want. Food, toiletries, or hygiene products – choose one and make a point of prioritizing.

9. Start collecting print publications

9.Start collecting print publications

The whole reason why the hobby is called couponing is because the means you save through are coupons. Usually, the best places to collect these things are through the print publications that come out every week. Pick up a magazine subscription and use your newspapers to that maximum.

8. Scour your local grocers for old papers

8.Scour your local grocers for old papers

The best part about papers is that there are too many produced with too little people reading them. However, this just makes it better for you to start couponing. You see, they are either free or sold at an extremely cheap price. Take the time to look around and gather as many as you can.

7. Ask your friends for more print publications

7.Ask your friends for more print publications

If you want to save a bit more money on your purchases then another great option is to take your friends’ old papers and magazines. They don’t need them anymore anyway, so why not make them a resource as well?

6. Use online sources for more coupons

6.Use online sources for more coupons

Sometimes groceries can be more awesome than you think. Try to follow some local establishments on Twitter for a while, and see if they start giving out promos. At the same time, a ton of websites offers up newer and newer coupons covering more and more items. Just make sure to print them out and set them aside.

5. Learn about store policy

5. Learn about store policy

Probably one of the biggest hangups most first time couponers run into are store policies. They can be the things that stop you in your tracks. Think of these problems like rules of engagement, because if you don’t know what you’re dealing with, managers can easily close you down at the checking counter. Find out exactly how they deal with coupons, and how many items can be checked out with those same coupons. This way, you’ll make the most out of your trip.

4. Set aside time to fix up your coupons

4.Set aside time to fix up your coupons

Okay, this is an almost Herculean task as amassing those coupons means you’ll have to cut them. When you have the time, make sure to cut up these pieces quickly and efficiently and organize them in the right places so you know exactly where you placed everything you need.

3. Find a way to organize your coupons for the store

3.Find a way to organize your coupons for the store

Okay, once you’re done cutting up the coupons, it’s time to figure out how to transport them to the store in a very organized manner. It also helps if you have certain categories for these coupons, so that you can just flip to a certain page and pick up whatever you need. This can be done easily with one of those card containers for Magic the Gathering or for Baseball cards.

2. Navigate the market efficiently

2.Navigate the market efficiently

Okay, to make yourself even faster in the grocery store, remember where certain items are placed. You’re going to be transporting a huge amount of food and grocery items so you won’t have time to dawdle around certain isles. Instead, take everything you planned to take in mass quantities, then move on to your next target. It helps that you plan what you need to buy before you head to the grocery store too, because it will really clear things up. Don’t worry about some of the stares you might get from the people waiting in line though.

1. Don’t be tempted buy fancy brand names

1.Don't be tempted buy fancy brand names

It’s easy to get confused when you’re shopping around. At the same time, you’ll also be tempted to pick up fancier stuff than you originally planned. If you truly want to live frugally, then you have to go for the cheaper brands. This will truly maximize each trip you take to the grocery, and at the end of it, you get more out of the deal. Sometimes, these cheap brands might even go for two for one deals and that makes them even better.


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