How To Apply For A Verizon Student Discount

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verizon student discount

Being the largest mobile network operator in the United States, the services of Verizon Wireless are utilized by millions of subscribers, including students. In order to lighten the burden of keeping up with the monthly bills, students may opt to apply for a Verizon student discount. Here are some guidelines and tips on how to avail this privilege.

Check your eligibility

You can take advantage of the Verizon student discount through the employee discount program of the network. Most universities extend such discount to their employees, and students may enjoy this benefit as well.  Since the eligibility for discount is determined through an individual’s email address, students may be qualified if they have a university email address that is part of Verizon’s database. You may check if you are qualified by visiting the Verizon website and check out the employee discount section of the said site.

The Verizon student discount is not available to all universities, but the discount covers new and existing phone lines for students and faculties of most big universities and colleges.

Mobile service providers do not announce their existing offers for institutions, and information dissemination will depend on the administration. Here is a partial list of qualified universities and colleges:


Voice Discount

Data Discount

Accessories Discount

Ball State University 15% undisclosed 25%
Boston University 15% undisclosed undisclosed
Clemson University 19% undisclosed 25%
East Tennessee State University 13% undisclosed undisclosed
Georgetown University 8% 8% undisclosed
Idaho State University 17% undisclosed 25%
Iowa State University 18% undisclosed 25%
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 17% 20% 25%
New York Board of Education 21% undisclosed undisclosed
Rochester Institute of Technology 19% undisclosed 25%
Rutgers University 15% undisclosed 25%
Samford University 6% 0% 25%
University of Alabama at Birmingham 15% 25% 25%
University of California Berkeley 15% 0% 25%
University of Florida 18% undisclosed 25%
University of Idaho 17% undisclosed 25%
University of Maine 15% undisclosed undisclosed
University of Michigan 15% undisclosed 25%
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 19% undisclosed 25%
University of Rochester 22% undisclosed 25%
University of South Florida 19% 20% 25%
University of Washington 17% 0% 25%
Yale University 17% 0% 25%

Know the discount rate offer

Verizon’s discount rate offer varies from institution to institution. There is no fixed rate for all employee discounts and the offered discount rate may be checked after verifying your email address. Once validated, the monthly discount rate offer can be reviewed by the subscriber.

Check the other benefits when registering in the program

Aside from the monthly discount on mobile phone service, other perks are also included in the package. After the qualified individual registers his phone number in the Verizon’s system, he will be able to save on the following products and services:

  • New mobile phone units
  • Phone upgrade for existing plan holders
  • Wide array of mobile phone accessories

Check websites that offer special discount deals for students

Aside from directly going to the website, you may take advantage of  the Verizon student discount through various independent websites that offer student discounts. By accessing said sites, you may check mobile network discounts that are offered to students.

After registration for such discount, Verizon will then contact you and ask for verification details like your mobile number, school, and service plan.

verizon student discount

Discount Renewal

In order to keep their records up-to-date and to ensure that all registered subscribers receive the full discount package, your registration to the Verizon student discount program must be renewed and validated from time to time.

For renewal of discount, Verizon just needs your current school or employment information. You may opt to validate through the use of the school email address or other available options. A tracking number will be provided after registration, and this may be used to check the renewal status of one’s discount offer.

In this day and age where earning and saving money is very important, being practical is a very good way to achieve financial freedom. Most mobile network providers offer discounts, but these are not advertised to protect both parties. Doing a little bit of research will prove to be a very beneficial step for every student.

Check your eligibility now, and start to reap the benefits of having a Verizon student discount.


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