Top 10 Best Money Making Ideas You Never Thought Could Actually Work


Life is tougher nowadays. For most people it feels like no matter how hard they work, money just seems to slip through their fingers. If you are in the same situation, chances are you are looking for the best money making ideas to help make ends meet. If you just think about your financial difficulties but do not do anything about it, then it becomes pointless. But if you are ingenious and willing to operate outside of your comfort zone, there is a wealth of opportunities just waiting to be explored.

The economy has yet to get back on solid footing. Many are losing jobs. Companies are forced to downsize. Senior officers sometimes opt for early retirement, trying to hold on to their insurance and retirement benefits instead of being made redundant. Somehow, there are times when a bad situation could turn into something profitable. It makes you assess what you have been doing so far and rediscover yourself in the process, like perhaps; you have hidden talents that you never knew could bring in more cash for you. The possibilities seem endless.

10. Be an artist for hire


You might have a flair for drawing and illustration. Why not use this as an extra income source by creating a portfolio. You could either go online or post announcements around your neighborhood to offer your services. Depending on your skills, you could be an artist for greeting card companies or an illustrator for books or magazines. There is always a need for mural painters, logo designers and freelance graphic artists. Join arts and crafts fairs to sell some of your work.

9. Freelance writer


If you look at job sites and advertising sites like Craigslist, you will be amazed at the number of ads from people looking for writers. Post your services in these types of websites as well. Make people know that you are available as a freelance writer. Post your services on your community billboard. Alternatively, check within your community for people who needs a writer.

8. Be a private coach


What are your hobbies and pastimes? Sports, modeling, spelling bees, solving math problems? Within your community, you might be able to find parents who need a private coach for their child. So if you have the talent, then put it to good use. Let them know that you are available for private coaching and that your fees are competitive. You could keep your regular job and work on weekends. If you bring good results, you could expect to have more clients.

7. Tutoring

tutor pix

This job does not go out of style. There will always be someone who needs tutoring. And you could be the person to do just that. There are various subjects where your expertise will be needed. Brush up on your favorite subject and let parents know of your services and the hours you are available. Whether it is math, science, art, language or history, you might have several students in no time.

6. Give music lessons


Do you play the guitar, piano, drums, saxophone, violin or any other musical instrument? Offer to teach children, either in your home or in theirs. The latter usually pays more, by the way. Do not limit your teaching to your own neighborhood. Explore the possibilities of doing it in other neighborhoods as well.

5. Dry cleaning pickup and delivery


You might think this is not the best money making idea but it does work. Make a deal with your local dry cleaner for bulk dry-cleaning rates. Once you have agreed on a rate, let your neighbors know that you offer a free pickup and delivery service for the dry cleaner. Since people are usually busy, this type of service is most welcome. You could do this twice or four times a week. Your income comes from the discount given to you by the dry cleaner.

4. Laundry service


This job is suitable for moms who enjoy washing and ironing. You can do this type of service during the times that you are childfree. Scout around your neighborhood and seek clients who would like to have their clothes washed and ironed for a fee. All you need is a washing machine and drier to wash and fold or iron the clothes. Remember to factor in the projected water and electricity bills to your rates.

3. Be a girl Friday


This is not something new but this could bring you a good income. Surely, in your own neighborhood you will be able to find busy executives who need help with some of their personal to-do list such buying gifts, pick up the laundry or shopping. Be the person to remove that burden on them. Even if you only work four times month this could bring you good income. You could charge $100 a day and if you have two clients, that is an additional $800 in your bank account each month.

2. Grocery delivery service


Most people love to shop but grocery shopping could be a chore. Offer your service as a grocery delivery service for a small surcharge (about 10 to 15%). Buy your neighbors’ groceries and deliver these to their homes. At the same time, you could also do your own shopping.

1. Sell online


Take an inventory of the things you own. You might have some books, pieces of jewelry, gadgets, electronic appliances or pieces of furniture that are still in good condition but you seldom use. Turn them into cash by selling them online.

So, you see you might be having a hard time now but there are actually other options to make money. Take a cue from these best money making ideas, which have been proven to actually work to augment your income. Who knows, when you get settled in these extra income generating ventures you’ll find that one or two of these are more worthwhile to do than you regular job.


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  1. Suzanne Franco Land

    April 1, 2013 3:26 pm

    Great post It’s a great list of ideas to get someone started working from home … I decided a few years back to try to shift my money making efforts to ideas where I don’t trade time for money … so I can have a more flexible schedule. Don’t get me wrong … it’s still time spent working! LOL but I’m finding ways to grow a residual income using ways where I don’t have to report to anyone (a boss or my customer/client). I don’t believe in get-rich-quick schemes so it does take time to build and one of these ideas might just be what it takes to help someone get started working from home. *SmiLes* Suzanne

  2. Ken

    August 5, 2013 6:27 pm

    I have a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that there are enough people online to sell to, even with all of the others selling online. Now it’s easier . The world has turned the internet into a bottomless money opp.

    If you put the time in doing it correctly you will make money. Remember you get out what you put in. When you hear that just an hour a week and you’ll make $30,000.00 a month, don’t buy into it.

    When your being asked to buy another product, every two days when you just bought into the program, Ask for you initial purchase money back and say good-bye to them.
    I like a few of these ideas listed above very much.

    Don’t forget that business online is like business offline. You are working with real people. Be Honest not a Money Hungry Pig.
    Good Luck,


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