Top 10 Ways You Can Try to Earn Extra Cash in an Instant

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Even if you are working full time, there are instances that you are having hard time to meet your daily needs. In other words, there are days that you feel like you are on a survival mode. In addition to that, there are instances that your bills and living expenses are over than your monthly income. What will be your respond in these instances? Some will go for payday lenders to apply for short term loans. This option is not the best solution and as much as possible, do not engage in lending. There are other solutions to earn extra cash. There are many reasons why people are struggling to meet their basic needs and their income in their job is absolutely not the main reason. Lifestyle also plays a major role here. If you are living an expensive lifestyle, then you will struggle to meet your lifestyle. Nevertheless, you are very fortunate that there are other means for you to earn extra money.

10. Selling books on Amazon and eBay10. Selling books on Amazon and eBay

Do you have lots of books, DVDs, Music CDs that you are not using anymore? It is time for you to say goodbye to these stuffs. You have to register to Amazon or eBay and then list these items for sale on their website: and Start de-cluttering your own home with the books and DVDs that you are not using anymore. If you get a hold of the process, look for other sources like your family, friends and colleagues who are willing to get rid of their old books. You can also go to the yard sales near you, the thrift stores as well as the clearance sections of bookstores.

9. Claiming for your missing money9. Claiming for your missing money

Do you have any unclaimed property? In order to find out, visit your local office of unclaimed property. If you found out that you have unclaimed property (which can come in the form of savings and/or checking accounts, un-cashed dividends, stocks, refunds, payroll checks, trust distributions, traveler’s checks, gift certificates, unredeemed money orders, refunds and life insurance policies, insurance payments, certificates of deposit, annuities, utility security deposits, customer overpayments, contents of safe deposit boxes and mineral royalty payments). Make sure you research the ruling law in your state about claiming.

8. Sell your hair8. Sell your hair

Have you thought about selling about some parts of your body? No, you will not sell any internal part of your body but the external one – your hair. Selling your hair can be a lucrative one especially if your hair is long and untreated. The hair is used to create extension and wigs. Hair can be sold for around $300 up to more than $1,000

7. Open a store at Etsy7. Open a store at Etsy

For people who have the skills and talents in the area of crafts, you can monetize your created products by starting a business with an Etsy shop. If your products are well-designed, styled and creative, your products will be surely a hot commodity online. You can check out about starting a business with them.

6. Donating plasma6. Donating plasma

This idea is not good for those who are queasy or those plagued with trypanophobia (this is the extreme fear of various medical procedures that involve needles). Nevertheless, donating plasma can give you a big boost financially speaking as you can get couple of hundred dollars per month simply by donating as often as you can and permitted. For bigger cities, they typically pay donor about $35 per plasma donation and permit to donate twice per week or in total, you can earn $280 per month just by donating.

5. Rent a spare room5. Rent a spare room

Do you have extra rooms in your own house? Monetize it by making it for rent to those people looking for a place to live temporarily. Having room for rent is nice and it will help you to pay your monthly mortgage. If your house is strategically situated near a college/university or a busy city, for sure, there will be people who are looking for a space to live as they go to school or work. Before you accept any renter, make sure that you conduct thorough check of the applicants and screen for the most suitable renter.

4. Selling your photos4. Selling your photos

You can do more with your photos at various stock photo sites by selling them. Try to look for some of the famous stock photo websites. If you find reputable and credible one, read and understand their list of requirements and terms of condition in order to familiarize yourself with what photos you can sell. Make sure you have high pixelated cameras when you engage in this one, not just the camera in your smartphones.

3. Do some teenager jobs3. Do some teenager jobs

Babysitting, walking dogs, mowing lawns and organizing cluttered homes – these are some of the jobs you can engage part time. There are people who are in need of help when it comes to their pets, their kids, and their backyard and generally, to their household because of busy work life. Offer your services to your friends and neighbor.

2. Be a billboard on wheels2. Be a billboard on wheels

Do you have a car? Are you willing to put something in the exterior of your car? This is because you can make money by making your car as a motorized billboard. There are websites offering this such as This site will find a match for you with an advertiser who is willing to pay you in exchange for advertising using your car with their advertisement. It is possible for you to accumulate as much as $900 per month and the contract can last for three months.

1. Earning cash back to your regular online shopping1. Earning cash back to your regular online shopping

Some people view shopping as a task, some a hobby and some as a form of relaxation. Online shopping can give you big benefits. If you shop online through, you can earn cash back to your normal expenditures. Your favorite products are offered at Give it a try.


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